Climate Resources

A list of (mostly) updating online resources that will keep you up to date on the state of climate science, climate/weather records, and Minnesota's climate.

Minnesota Climate Resources

  • Mark Seeley's Weathertalk: A weekly discussion of current weather and climate, mostly related to Minnesota. With interesting links and discussion.
  • MN DNR Climate Journal: A running discussion of current weather and climate events in Minnesota.
  • NWS Twin Cities: Twitter and/or Facebook. Often putting current weather in a historical climate context and posting great satellite imagery of Minnesota.

United States Weather/Climate

  • Wunderground's Category 6: Usually daily posts on current events in U.S. or global climate. In-depth highly readable discussion of hurricanes, winter weather, other severe weather, and general interest weather/climate topics.

Climate Science

  • NASA Earth Observatory: Updated daily images relating to climate or earth science, often incredible satellite pictures. The "Features" tab found along the top of the website are the best resource for general-interest articles on all aspects of climate science that I have found. In-depth but written for the general public.
  • NASA Vital Signs: An updating dashboard of measurements of climate change as well as regularly updating articles about Earth's climate.
  • RealClimate: A long running blog about new and old topics in climate science written and maintained by working scientists. If you are feeling brave enough to wade through (or past) the occasional technical discussion you will be rewarded with a view of scientists' thought processes. RealClimate has been around since 2004 and has discussed hundreds of topics which can be found via the 'Index' tab at the top. The scientists are active in the comment sections as well, frequently answering questions from the general public. An impressive commitment to science communication from people that must already work 100 hour weeks as professors/scientists!
  • Yale Environment 360: In-depth articles on climate science and climate-relevant topics that I have not seen covered well elsewhere.

Climate Change Reports

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