Minnesota Adapted Athletics Association

The mission of the Minnesota Association for Adapted Athletics is to provide youth with disabilities the same opportunity as other students to enjoy the benefits of a quality high school sports program.

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About Interscholastic Adapted Athletics

Interscholastic sports are the most competitive of all sports programs at the high school level and are the only sports sanctioned by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL). Adapted Athletics are interscholastic sports that are just as competitive as football, hockey or any other high school varsity sport. Adapted Athletics emerged and developed to this point over the last 20 years with considerable input from many sources including coaches, educators, former players and high school league officials. In fact, it was the players themselves that wanted an opportunity to play in a sports program that was "just like the programs offered to their classmates".

The goal of the program has always been to provide sports experiences for high school athletes with disabilities in the same manner that they have been provided for non-disabled athletes. The organization wanted to provide interscholastic sports opportunities where none previously existed. This has been achieved in the state of Minnesota. Minnesota is the first state where adapted sports have been officially sanctioned by a state high school league. The following indoor sports are offered by the MSHSL: Adapted Soccer (Fall), Adapted Floor Hockey (Winter), Adapted Softball (Spring) and Adapted Bowling (Spring).

November 1992: "In an emotional and unanimous vote, the Minnesota State High School League welcomes athletics with disabilities into its family." - StarTribune, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.

The organization is very proud of the accomplishments that have been made on the behalf of athletes with disabilities!