SugarLoaf PLoP 2017

Universidad Nacional de La Plata

-Mini Edition. Colocated with Smalltalk 2017-

November 7th, 2017

Software developers have long observed that certain patterns recur and endure across different applications and systems. The growing interest in Design Patterns, Architectural Patterns, Analysis Patterns, Pedagogical Patterns, and so on, represents an effort to catalog and better communicate knowledge, providing handbooks of proven solutions to common problems.

MiniPLoP brings together researchers, educators, and practitioners whose interests span a remarkably broad range of topics and who share an interest in exploring the power of the pattern form. MiniPLoP invites you to add your expertise to the growing corpus of patterns. MiniPLoP focuses on improving the expression of patterns. You will also be able to discuss applications of patterns in industry and academia.

The MiniPLoP program will feature an introduction to patterns and to the PLoP Conferences format, a tutorial on pattern writing, an international keynote and Writers' Workshop sessions. You will have the opportunity to refine and extend your patterns with the help from knowledgeable and sympathetic fellow pattern enthusiasts.

This version of PLoP aims at encouraging beginners into the world of patterns and specially, to grow the Latin-American community of patterns. The MiniPLoP program will accept submissions to the Writers' Workshop (WW) track. Papers should document patterns or pattern languages and will be discussed in the traditional PLoP format. We will also accept submissions for the Pattern Applications (PA) track, where the participants document their experience using patterns. We also encourage authors to submit sketches of patterns to be refined during the conference.

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Aula 5 Postgrado

Facultad de Informática. Universidad Nacional de La Plata (map)

Calle 50 y 120. La Plata.

Important Dates

Conference Date: November 7th, 2017

Starting Time: 8:00 am


SLPLoP Schedule

Writers' workshop 1 (10:30 - 12:30)

"Aplicación de Patrones de Diseño en la Implementación de un Framework para Optimizadores de Consultas SQL"

(in Spanish)

Writers' workshop 2 (13:30 - 15:30)


(in English)

Writers' workshop 3 (17:00 - 18:00)

"Patrones de Diseño en Juegos"

(in Spanish)


Brian Foote: "Software in the Age of Sampling "

Software was once built by skilled but peculiar artisans, who meticulously crafted their original, green-fields commissions from first principles. Today, existing resources are rehashed, recombined, and remixed to produce “new” mash-ups based up the work of others. This session will explore how software developers in the age of sampling have as much in common with contemporary high-tech music “producers” as they do with traditional engineers.

Pattern Writing Dojo:

Eduardo Guerra

This course starts with an one hour presentation about patterns, the important sections of a pattern, how to write a pattern, the concept of pattern languages, etc. The rest of the course is an interactive section where a pattern is written by the participants. Initially they will raise a pattern candidate on a domain that everyone can contribute. Then, all members of the audience will have a part in writing the pattern in pairs. The audience can give opinions only in the end of each iteration and when the pair ask them for help.

Coffee Breaks & Lunch

"El Arbolito" one of the best food places in La Plata will be serving Coffee Breaks and a light Lunch.

Coffee Breaks includes hot drinks, lemon water and a variety of pound cakes.

The Lunch includes two options: Vegetarian Wrap or a Chicken Wrap. A fresh fruit for dessert and natural flavored water. The lunch will be hosted as a PWYW (Pay What You Want) service.


Program Chairs:

Federico Balaguer (LIFIA/UNLP, Argentina)

Eduardo Guerra (INPE, Brazil)

Conference Chair:

Alejandra Garrido (LIFIA/UNLP – CONICET, Argentina)

Program Committee

Alfredo Goldman (IME/USP, Brazil)

Antonio Terceiro (Linaro, Brazil)

Eduardo Fernandez (Florida Atlantic University, USA)

Eugene Wallingford (University of Northern Iowa, USA)

Fabio F. Silveira (UNIFESP, Brazil)

Fabio Kon (CCSL-IME-USP, Brazil)

Fernando Lyardet (Urban Institute, Germany)

Javier Gonzalez-Sanchez (Arizona State University Tempe, USA)

Joseph W. Yoder (The Refactory, Inc, USA)

Maria Elena Chavez-Echeagaray (Arizona State University Tempe, USA)

Milene Serrano (UNB, Brazil)

Paulo Meirelles (FGA-UnB, Brazil)

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock (Wirfs-Brock Associates, USA)

Robert Hanmer (Nokia, USA)

Rodrigo Vilar (UFPB, Brazil)

Rosana Teresinha Vaccare Braga (ICMC/USP, Brazil)

Tiago Massoni (DSC/UFCG, Brazil)

Uirá Kulesza (DIMAP/UFRN, Brazil