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Have a check engine light or service warning message on your Mini? We will check it out for free! Really!

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Don't stress out! We can help. We have been looking after Minis dating back to the 60s. When BMW reintroduced the Mini in 2002 we were there and continue to provide superior service to this iconic marque.

Depending upon your specific model there are over 64 warning lights from a simple low fuel light to major safety and engine malfunction indicator lights than can result in significant damage or engine failure if ignored.

Sorting out the warning lights and engine sensors is a job for a pro with specialized computer equipment that can talk to your Mini and check all of the sensors to indicate your specific issues. A professional Mini mechanic with years of experience takes the readings from the computer, performs additional system and parts tests to come up with an accurate diagnosis and repair estimate.

Just give us a call to schedule a convenient time and we can often provide a diagnosis while you wait. If you elect to have us service your car we provide a complimentary UBER ride to your local home or office.

Repairs are done quickly and accurately and come with a 2 year 24,000 mile warranty

Do you have any of these warning lights? Let us check it out at no cost

Speak directly to the technician working on your car, never a service writer on commission.

Fast accurate repairs since 1979.

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