Mini-Master on Negotiation with Michael Tsur

The Decision Making in a Chaotic Reality Mini Master aims to provide participants with the knowledge, abilities and experience they need to negotiate professionally and handle those inevitable situations in which external events intrude upon, and interfere with, the professionals’ abilities to make clear and appropriate decisions.

Using the most contemporary and updated tools and methodologies for creative problem-solving, students will develop the skills needed for making good decisions and negotiate accordingly.

This course focuses on the process to reach better outcomes, considering the levels of stress and anxiety without forgetting the investment of assets and the “day after”.






4 Days of Residential Teaching


February, 26th - 29th 2020


Michael Tsur is a lawyer and an expert in negotiation, conflict resolution, crisis management and mediation. He specializes in executive coaching of General Managers, Directors and Owners of companies in Israel and around the globe, working in particular on how to navigate complex negotiations and situations.

Founder in 1996 of the Mediation & Conflict Resolution Institute in Jerusalem, since 1999 Michael Tsur is a member of the Think-Tank for the IDF – Israel Defence Forces Hostage Negotiation Team.

Besides his many assignments in the international business arena, since 1996 Tsur is an Adjunct Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has been collaborating with Harvard University (PON – Program on Negotiation), Hamline University (Minnesota), Cardozo School of Law (New York), Tbilisi University (Georgia) and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – II level Master (Milan – Italy).

In 2011 Michael Tsur founded Shakla & Tariya, the first Institute for Negotiation Specialists - approaching negotiation as a stand-alone profession.


This course will examine a wide variety of negotiation strategies and challenges. Among the many issues which will be considered:

  • Rules of engagement in a challenging reality
  • Establishing a relationship in a challenging reality
  • Pitfalls in Negotiation
  • The art of asking questions
  • Negotiating money
  • Negotiating while doubting
  • The special challenges posed by cross-cultural negotiation


  1. Awareness-raising to the field of negotiation and its power, based on the premise that we negotiate all day long and that everything is negotiable and negotiated.
  2. To provide an updated knowledge and tools for negotiation in different situations.
  3. To challenge the participants for a learning experience within the safety of a supportive group environment.
  4. To secure confidence as a result of increased capacity to identify, prepare, implement and evaluate any given negotiation.


This course is founded on experiential education methodology, making presence and active participation in the class activities the foundations for a student’s assessment.

The course is built as an interactive workshop that combines discussions together with practice of tools through exercises, simulations, and case studies.

A major objective is to see this skill tuned, with practice for the duration of the course, and results/outcomes are the focus of course assessment. Willingness to apply the methods and tools derived in the classroom in out-of-class/daily situations.

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Michael has earned over the years enthusiastic testimonials and reviews.

Why is the Tsur© Method among the most popular negotiating program in the world?

It’s simple: because it works.


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