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Papers Under Review

  • Gender Earnings Gap in Canadian Economics Departments (with Dilmaghani,M., R&R, Applied Economics Letters)

  • Inequalities in health between First Nations adults living outside of their communities and the non-Indigenous adults in Canada: a decomposition analysis (with Hajizadeh, M., Bombay, A., and Asada, Y.)

Working In Progress

  • “The effect of Ramadan Fasting during pregnancy on birth health outcomes, Evidence from Canada", with Warman, C.

  • "The impact of hockey games results on fertility decisions in Canada, with Dilmaghani, M.

  • "The Impact of Canadian Child Benefit on Indigenous Parents' Health in Canada

  • “Mental health and problem gambling behaviours of Indigenous peoples in Canada"

  • “Over qualifications and earning disadvantages of immigrants in the Canadian labour market”, with Warman, C.