Minhae Kwon

Dr. Minhae Kwon

I am a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rice University and Department of Neuroscience, Baylor College of Medicine working with Prof. Xaq Pitkow. I received my Ph.D. in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Ewha Womans University under the supervision of Prof. Hyunggon Park. I was a visiting Ph.D. student in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Medicine Group, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) working working with Prof. Mihaela van der Schaar, and had cooperative research visits in Signal Processing Lab. LTS4, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) working with Prof. Pascal Frossard.

I received several honorable awards including the Minister’s award of Science and ICT, Excellence Award for Young Scientists, and Global Ph.D. Fellowship (the most distinguished Ph.D. fellowship in Korea) from Korea Government, Women techmakers fellowship from Google Inc., Qualcomm Innovation award from Qualcomm Inc. and Best paper award from IEEE Consumer Electronics Society.

My research interest lies at the intersection of the Network and Distributed Decision Making; in particular, in using stochastic and data-driven approaches to capture dynamics and uncertainty of complex system. Relevant applications can be brain networks, wired/wireless networks, and autonomous networks/systems with multi-agents.

Here are some keywords that explain my previous and current approaches:

Deep Reinforcement Learning, Markov Decision Process, Statistical Models, Decision-making Process in Brain Network, Computational Neuroscience, Network Coding, Game Theory

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Contact Information

  • Email : minhae.kwon DOT rice DOT edu


[May 2019] I am glad to serve the RL4RealLife workshop at ICML 2019 as a program committee.

[Apr 2019] I won a travel award to attend the Colloquium tilted " The Brain Produces Mind by Modeling", which will be held in Irvine, May 1-3.

[Mar 2019] I am selected to be awarded a fellowship to the 2019 Kavli Summer Institute in Cognitive Neuroscience. See you in Santa Barbara this summer!

[Jan 2019] I am pleased to accept the nomination for the Awards Co-chairs of 2019 N2Women Board.

[Nov 2018] My paper "Self-activating Relay Nodes for Emergent Communications" is accepted at Emergent Communication Workshop (EmComm2) @ NeurIPS 2018. See you in Montreal, again!

[Nov 2018] My paper "Learning To Activate Relay Nodes: Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach" is accepted at NeurIPS 2018 Deep RL Workshop. See you in Montreal!

[Oct 2018] I won 'Excellence Award for Young Scientists' in the field of 'Information and Communications' awarded by Korea Government.

[Sep 2018] I joined the Xaq Lab. as a postdoctoral associate at Rice university and Baylor College of Medicine.

[July 2018] A journal article "Network Coding Based Evolutionary Network Formation for Dynamic Wireless Networks" is accepted in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (Impact factor:4.098, JCR IF ranking: Top 9.45% =14/148). [Link]

[Jun. 2018] My PCT patent has been filed.

[April. 2018] I decide to join Xaq Lab. at Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine, TX, USA. I can't wait to start a new life in Houston!

[Jan. 2018] I present a paper at IEEE ICCE 2018 in Las Vegas, USA.

[Oct. 2017] My work that won best poster video award at IEEE ICCE 2017 is highlighted on IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine (October 2017). [Article]

[Sep. 2017] A paper is accepted at IEEE ICCE 2018.

[Aug. 2017] I won the Excellent Academic Award.

[Aug. 2017] My US patent has been issued. [Link]

[Jul. 2017] I present a paper at ICUFN 2017 in Milan, Italy.

[Jun. 2017] I successfully defended my Ph.D dissertation!

[Jun. 2017] I won Qualcomm Innovation Award.

[May 2017] I won the Minister's Award from Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Republic of Korea.

[May 2017] I present a paper at IEEE ICC 2017 in Paris, France.

[Apr. 2017] I won the Best Poster Video Award at IEEE ICCE 2017.

[Feb. 2017] A journal article "Distributed Network Formation Strategy for Network Coding Based Wireless Networks" is accepted in IEEE Signal Processing Letters (Impact factor:2.813, JCR IF ranking: Top 29.2% =76/260) . [Article]