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Minecraft Seed with a Village

A Java Edition Seed with a Village

Java Edition Seeds

Seeds for Minecraft Java edition including ones with villages, blacksmiths, ravines, shipwrecks, jungles and more!

Minecraft PE Seed with a Jungle Island

A PE Seed with a Jungle Island

Bedrock Edition Seeds

Bedrock Edition seeds (also called Pocket Edition seeds) including islands, ravines, awesome loot, armor and more!

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most successful video games of all time. A sandbox game, Minecraft has no definitive goal or way to win. Instead, players choose what they would like to do and build, where to live and explore, and how they want to interact with the world around them. Minecraft is often compared with Legos, and is a good analogy.

What are Minecraft Seeds?

When starting a game of Minecraft, the player has the option of entering a seed. A seed is a string of characters which are used by Minecraft's World Generation Algorithm. That algorithm is the basis of all the generated terrain and features in a world.

Where to get Minecraft Seeds

Of course, our recommendation for Minecraft Seeds is Minecraft Seed HQ. Every seed on Minecraft Seed HQ has been tested by hand which makes the overall experience far more rewarding. Further, the site features seeds that have the most sought after features. Whether you play Minecraft in creative or survival mode, you have a wide variety of seeds to choose from.

Finding Minecraft Seeds

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