A representative from the brand told Games Industry that as a policy, Tetris does not release sales numbers, and that those reported by other outlets have not been confirmed by the company.

It would be interesting to see the data for each game weighted by the number of days it was available this year. I think that could make things a little more fair for the 2019 releases and may change the chart a bit. Interesting data regardless, thanks for the write up!Mojang and Microsoft had come out to alert players that there is no truth to the claims that the servers are ending. Being that Minecraft is one of the more popular video game titles that’s been around for a decade, we can’t see the title coming to an end anytime soon. More updates are on their way and you’ll be able to enjoy exploring new worlds and build with friends for the foreseeable future. Minecraft Volume Alpha is now available on Vinyl!

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The number of aggressive beasties is comically high, to the point where there’s no tension whatsoever, just the expectation of yet another pointless, nearly unavoidable death. And there isn’t a combat system to really support this much action. There’s just a lot of flailing and frantic clicking until something dies. Usually me, since every dinosaur, werewolf and mummy is absurdly strong.


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