Mindfulness Meditation For Weight Loss

Does Guided Meditation Help With Weight Loss?

Losing weight, to begin with, is difficult enough, but keeping it off can feel downright impossible. With guided mindfulness meditation, it doesn't have to be. Read on to find out about mindfulness meditation for weight loss and how it can help readers control their eating behaviors so that they can stay in a healthy weight range.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness meditation is an ancient practice intended to teach practitioners how to be more aware of the present without getting caught up in their own thoughts. It has been proven to confer a number of benefits upon practitioners, including a reduction in the negative thoughts that all-too-often encourage over-eating.

How it Helps

Improving mindfulness doesn't just help readers control the negative thoughts and feelings that may be contributing to their overeating. It also improves their resilience to the increased physical activity that comes along with sticking to an exercise plan and may help them deal better with the hunger pangs associated with following diets. Overall, studies have shown that mindfulness training helps practitioners reduce binge eating and develop healthier habits over time that help practitioners keep the weight off.

The Proof

Control groups for mindfulness meditation studies performed at McGill University, Harvard University, and the University of Groningen did experience higher initial weight loss when following a traditional diet and exercise plan. However, the majority of them experienced almost immediate weight gain over the course of the studies, which spanned an average of 16.25 weeks.

This led to control group subjects regaining most or all of the weight they had worked so hard to lose. In comparison, the participants in the mindfulness meditation groups lost an average of seven pounds by the end of the study.

Other Benefits

The study participants who were assigned to the mindfulness meditation group didn't just keep more of their weight off than control subjects. They also reported lower rates of anxiety. While it's important to realize that meditation alone is not an effective means of achieving weight goals, it does seem to have an impact on both weight loss and establishing healthier thought patterns.

How to Get Started

Thanks to modern technology, achieving weight loss goals doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive. Readers can get started practicing mindfulness meditation right in their own homes by purchasing a hypnotherapy program designed specifically to set them on the right path toward improving their attitudes toward food and increasing their chances of losing weight. Readers can learn more online today to find out whether hypnotherapy and mindfulness meditation might be the right solution for them.