Our Minimalist Lifestyle

Facebook Group Description 

I believe minimalism is a TOOL to assist us in having a slower, intentional, more joyful life.  Welcome! This page is dedicated to the Facebook group,  "Our Minimalist Lifestyle".  

You will find group topics such as #slowliving #intentionalliving #minimalism #decluttering #decor #wardrobe #humour #tinyliving #environmentalism and more.

Blessings on your very personal journey,

- Mindful Kim 💞🙏

"Minimalism is a tool that can assist you in finding freedom." --The Minimalists

Note: We are not an "anti-possessions" group. Minimalism is about peeling off layers to find balance. There are many types of minimalists, not just possessions, so please respect the member's differences.

Let's elevate and support not judge and tear down!

“Minimalism is not about your stuff, it’s about your spirit.” — Allison Fallon

See my YouTube playlist for this group.

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Group Rules


Rude, entitled, off topic, unkind, argumentative, hot topics (religion, veganism etc), self promotion, talk of killing/getting rid of animals (they are souls), and unnecessarily reporting posts.


Be kind, no pm-ing/friending other members (without permission), no blocking admin team. Be here to lift each other up and encourage. Use colourful language, if desired.


We approve each post and tag most with popular topics.  If a post isn't approved it would be because it goes against one of the above rules, is similar to another post OR it just doesn't fit the vibe.

Advertising Opportunities

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