A brief getting started guide

What Is Mindfulness?

My definition: An overused term that means thinking about nothing.

Common definition:

Why do it?

  1. It's better than watching videos.
  2. Evidence based research has also validated it benifets.
  3. It's mostly free.

How Do I Begin A Mindfulness Practice?

Know how to breath? Do that quietly with your eyes closed and focus on the breath .

Listen to this yearly "Breathing Meditation".

Download the insight timer app, to your phone and click on the headphone icon and search for"Diana Winston" or browse for other folks that have created some wonderful guided meditations.

There 's also a "Body Scan" or "Walking" meditation, in Insight Timer by "Elisha Goldstein".

I could offer more but it's not needed.

Imagine early humans watching the fire or ripples in the water or listening to the rain or the wind, or perhaps the shadows that are cast by the sun streaming through the swaying trees, and they like me happened to lose themselves in the moment, and became aware of something.

If you happen live in the bay area, Joani Marinoff teaches a wonderful beginners course at San Francisco City College.