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Lithium Orotate

For depression, mood swings, suicidal ideation and enhanced brain function.

The supplements I ingest and attribute to enhanced brain function and relief from; depression, mood swings, suicidal thoughts and of course not committing the occasional homicide in Texas. From my first dose of Lithium orotate I felt a slight a sense of calm that I had not known existed. Check back for more on my personal journey, until then here is the core of my daily micro dosing of Lithium orotate supplement regimen.

(1) Dr. Hans Nieper Lithium Orotate Tablets, 120 mg. split and taken one half (2.25 mg) in the morning and the other half in the late afternoon.

(1) NOW CurcuBrain 400 mg

(2) Kirkland Costco Wild salmon fish oil

(1) Neuromins marine algae form of DHA

Based on other studies that validate DHA's neuro-protective and therapeutic cognitive benefits I was already taking a DHA supplement. Peter Smith calls attention to the correlation between research indicating a reduction of neuro-inflammation by maintaining adequate levels of omega 3 docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and optimal usage of lithium.

Because I cannot always eat DHA rich WILD salmon, or eggs from hens fed a diet of DHA oil rich seeds, I primarily rely on supplementation. While there are other potential benefits from direct consumption of oil rich nuts and seeds, research indicates that the human body yields less than 5% conversion to DHA from those sources.

Since digestion begins with chewing and turning food into mush along with enzymes secreted in the mouth, to optimize my usage of supplements I take them with food allowing about 30-60 seconds in my mouth for a capsule or pill to begin to slightly disintegrate and biting the fish and DHA gel caps to cause them to expel the oil mixing all with a mouth full of food before swallowing.