Disclaimer: Zinc Acetate may not technically “cure” the common cold but it's interaction with the body inhibits the replication of the virus that causes the common cold.

Thee story behind this amazing discovery begins with a three-year-old girl who felt a cold coming on who was especially susceptible to severe colds because she was receiving immunosuppressive chemotherapy for acute T-cell leukemia. Her doctor had prescribed 50 milligram zinc gluconate tablets to help raise her zinc levels and stimulate her T-cell immune response. By chance, she was given a zinc tablet that she refused to swallow just as she was also beginning to feel sick with the cold. She fell asleep with the slowly dissolving tablet still in her mouth. Hours later, she felt fine. "The cold had disappeared.” George Eby the father of this little girl would also become known as the “father of zinc for colds”

Many years ago I read an article describing this effect and how a small company was producing zinc gluconate lozenges called “Cold-Eeze”. I recall how they seemed to help a bit but never a complete knock out of the cold. They were essentially a hard candy drop. There is also an artificially sweetened version. In my quest to find a lower sugar solution without artificial sweeteners, I researched and read about another form of zinc proven to more effective to stop or diminish the symptoms of a cold

What I find most interesting is that it was George Eby’s early research that led to the creation of “Cold-Eeze”, and this fascinating article describes that even as he was arguing with both the company that makes Cold Eeze and the scientific community about his later research which revealed that that “Acetate” form of zinc is more effective than Gluconate, he was oddly still receiving royalties for his earlier research contribution to he makers of the less effective but highly marketed “Cold-Eeze”!

Since switching to the Life Extension brand which is formulated to Eby’s updated research, my cold symptoms and duration are noticeably diminished. My experience is that at the first tickle or suspect sneeze, after allowing these rather huge Zinc Acetate lozenges to slowly melt in my mouth the result is I either don’t get a cold or if I do the symptoms are significantly lessened and it passes much quicker. Bottom line is I’m less snotty.