Ever walked barefoot

or kissed a dog?

"Enteric nematodes are among the most common and widely distributed animal parasites of humans. In his classic address to the American Society of Parasitologists in 1946, entitled “This Wormy World,” Stoll estimated 2.3 billion helminthic infections in a human population of 2.2 billion."


Some years I realized that this body was infected with an over growth of parasite worms. We all have them.

This post is partially a plug for a Kroeger herb product that helped me called “Wormwood Combination”:

  • Black Walnut leaf (Juglans nigra)
  • Wormwood herb (Artemisia absinthium)
  • Quassia (Quassia amara)
  • Cloves (Syzygium aromaticum)
  • Male Fern root (Aspidium filix-mas)

They're many ready to use encapsulated parasitic herbal formulas on the market and countless articles extolling the benefits of garlic and other herbs, and the main reason I highlight the Kroeger product is because when I first did some research on the key herbs that disrupt the life cycle of parasites and kill off worms, after buying the separate herbs in capsule form I was not getting any relief. When I returned to the organic grocery to purchase something different it was the Kroeger "Wormwood combination" that stood out because it:

  • Had the word "worm".
  • Contained all of the recommended herbs.
  • Was cheap.
  • Most importantly had a production date on each bottle that was within the last few months.

The production date issue was key. I remembered when I was studying herbal preparations how much it was impressed to use fresh herbs, the same is true in culinary arts, old or dried out herbs degrade in flavor and potency. It appears that part of the reason the Kroeger product was more effective is because they sell so much of it that the ground herbs within the capsules are fresh and thus extremely potent. Their formula with its controversial Male Fern root ( I have not died...yet) is the best for me with the least cost. It took me about 3 bottles to notice the improvements. I kept taking them until I had consumed six bottles (finishing all of them even after the symptoms were gone) and that seems to have knocked them out.

During the days of the battle: I took as many as my body will tolerate, one or two with each meal in addition to taking two caps before bed and two caps upon rising.

Back when they were winning the battle, to starve them out which really allows the herbs to go to work, I would “FAST” after dinner …goodbye night time eating, and drink herb tea (sometimes with a bit of stevia) to help with night time craving.

To eliminate reinfection (eggs are microscopic and can get everywhere including the air), i used a hepa filtered vacuum and after washing all bedding and underwear in hot water and I toasted them in a hot dryer. Once the parasites were gone, in order to help heal my intestinal micro-flora , upon rising I resumed taking a daily pro-biotic

I 'm pretty sure that as a kid I got infected with worms from the family dog and the folks at petful tend to agree. That same happy beagle tongue that licked my face and mouth had also spent a fair amount of time licking his own butt. According to "pets and parasites" most cats and dogs have them. They can pass the eggs of parasites on to us simply by licking their own butt and then licking our hands, those microscopic parasite eggs some how (washing my hands after every dog or cat has licked my hands? yeah I didn't do that) reach our mouths, we ingest the eggs of a newly adopted family of hungry worms. It's also common for humans to get worms from swallowing some contaminated water or simply by walking barefoot on grass or soil. A common practice for folks that live in rural or farming areas is to deworm their kids every year, and according to this well referenced article the WHO actually recommends deworming twice a year.

Most humans have some level of parasites, I know that an over growth of parasites in this body is happening when:

  • bowel function is off (loose or small movements,)
  • everything I eat starts to cause gas
  • feeling low energy

Additional symptoms I’ve experienced were: itchy anus, ears and eyes. I’ve also read that parasites can migrate to the ears nose and throat in search of food, and if I’m craving food after having eaten it might be because the parasites have been eating the food and leaving me malnourished and hungry!

I was raised in the USA on a typical refined carbohydrate food plan, and wouldn't you know that is exactly some of the food these parasites love to eat. As an adult I started to notice a cycle that would occur in the winter of poor digestion and foul smelling pooh and gas. I tried the OTC parasite remedy do knock out some of the action but they do little to eliminate the cycle.

Some cultures like a friend's from the Philippines slip a clove of raw garlic up the rectum to help kill off the parasites and many other cultures incorporated consumption of oregano, garlic and other anti parasitic herbs and spices into their regular eating habits that for many simply became more of the flavor that they were accustomed to rather than a preventive or treatment for parasites. There are a multitude of sites that provide various opinions, and while the folks at "mom junction" offer a decent worm page, they like the late wild west champion of parasite awareness, research and treatment " Dr.Hulda Clark" also did not mention oregano. Dr. Clark may have ruffled more than a few mainstream feathers and I still trust that she knew what she was talking about when it came to parasitic herbs. The three main ones (black walnut leaf, clove and wormwood) happen to be in the Kroeger wormwood combo. Just to be clear Kroeger herb aint paying me and I'm not affiliated with them.

Different Stokes

While western standards of safe food handing practices have mostly reduced the transmission of parasites and other disease via food consumption, I can report that years back when I worked in a few restaurants in the US that were run by folks from other countries that did things "differently", I witnessed some stuff that I imagine was worm friendly activity. One in particular was a little Mexican Ma n Pa cafe in San Francisco who kept two dogs in the restaurant. These friendly folks had been raised on the farm and had crossed the border 20 years ago. To our standards they may have been uneducated but they were smart enough to always prepare to pass the health inspections and unfortunately would return to unsavory practices like glove-less food handling, leaving meat out to defrost and allowing the dogs to shit and piss wherever.

For them it was just a matter of cultural traditions, they came from a rural area and regardless of the information provided by the local health authority they just did stuff that they were used to.

My calling attention to even little stuff like encouraging them to use the exhaust fans to clear the air of carcinogenic smoke from cooking meat was met with anger and aggression.

Each evening after the doors closed they'd allow the dogs that had been penned up in a store room to now run freely in the restaurant, shiting and pissing everywhere. Their kids (teens) had zero motivation to take the dogs out for a walk. The wife (who worked harder than anyone) would simply use a napkin to wipe the mess up. The dogs loved her and she like the first doctors that openly embraced a practice to prevent the spreading of disease didn't always washed her hands after handling the dogs. The husband mopped the floors once a week. After I left I reported all to the health department...they're still in business, dogs and all.


Rather than pay a visit to the fish doctor, I’m now considering taking a couple Wormwood combo caps a month and setting my calendar to remind me to do a twice a year regime of preventative maintenance. Results will vary and this is not meant to be taken as medical advice, if you feel like your shit just aint right, these herbs might help.

On a final note, an new emerging field of research is hypothesizing that some populations that have parasitic infection also appear to have lower incidence of certain diseases. https://www.asthma.org.uk/about/media/news/press-release-worms-could-cure-asthma-new-study-shows/