Febreze Pleases

Human Not

If life was meant to smell like a bouquet of flowers God would not have made humans.

The smell of a nasty gym bag that has not been put through the washer for a quarterly cleaning or the contents of it not being washed after every use can certainly develop a disgusting funk and the remedy is nothing new; wash these things in warm soapy water and then line dry outdoors or tumble in a dryer. The warm soapy water helps lift and rinse away the molecules that cause the smell and the sun or heat from the dryer in addition to drying will further eliminate those molecules from sticking around.

The Nasty

  • Manufactured Air fresheners - in aerosol, spray, solid, candle or plug-in form - don't remove odors. They just mask them. (Environmental Working Group)
  • Ingredients in manufactured fragrances and cleaners are loaded with toxic compounds some linked to male reproductive birth defects, allergies and hormone disruption. Manufactured fragrances and cleaning stuff is a self regulated industry with little government oversight for the impact on environment or human health.
  • A University of Washington study found that eight widely used U.S. air fresheners released an average of 18 chemicals into the air. On average, one in five of those chemicals were hazardous substances. Half the air fresheners tested released acetaldehyde, a carcinogen and neurotoxin.
  • 3,163 ingredients hide behind the word "fragrance" many of which may never have been assessed for safety.
  • Does the manufactured fragrance industry want me to feel bad about any smell that they don't sell.
  • Silent farts do smell worse than those we can hear.

More offensive than the smell they are attempting to mask

The problem with complex air fresheners is they introduce mysterious elements into the air and interfere with my ability to use my own scent detectors. Air is how I get oxygen into my lungs. Everything seen and unseen in the air is going into my body through my mouth and nose. While being trapped in an elevator with a fart is gross it won't disrupt brain function.

Outside of a few of our species that are naturally gifted with extremely potent body odor that permeates and funks up an interior environment, most offensive smells go away with regularly bathing and washing of body and clothing. Perfuming body or clothes with the manufactured scents might seem like a thing to do and It also gives me a headache and often will set off a sneezing attack.

A spring day is not something that I usually go looking for in a spray bottle or in the washer or dryer.

A world of ever blooming fields of lavender is what seems to be implied would make me happier and while I might occasionally enjoy a bit of essential oil to soothe or stimulate the body and mind, does everything need to be scented? Some of the smells I enjoy include:

  • Fresh baked cookies
  • Newborns
  • Indian food
  • Garlic
  • Peppermint
  • French Fries
  • Roses

and do I want those smells all the time? I appreciate the differences of fragrance and the absence of them is another wonder and while I'm inspired by the amazing technology that is behind something like Febreze, I don't want to be breathing in something that attaches to and masks the smell of something else and then introduces another smell that is supposed to smell better.