Clump-Free Chia Pudding

I use a ratio of 7 parts warm liquid to 1 part dry chia seed.

The liquid I use is a homemade "keto coconut milk" but the "Clump-Free" method will work the same with any other warm liquid.

The three key Clump-Free elements are:

1. Use warm liquid.

2. Stir, stir, stir.

3. Use a glass vessel like a mason jar or drinking glass to corral the chia into the liquid, glass so one can see what's happening.

"Clump-Free Chia Pudding"

1. Use liquid about the temp of a cup of tea that is ready to drink.

2. Place the 1 part chia into the vessel.

3. Slowly pour in 7 parts hot liquid into the jar.

4. Stir thoroughly and keep coming back to stir again until all of the chia are suspended in the liquid.

5. Stir after 10 min and again two more times* before placing in smaller containers or simply securing with lid and placing in a hole in the ground overnight to chill. *if you have more time give it more time to begin to gel and stir a few more times before chilling. Yes one could also just put it in the fridge.