Blue Green Toxins

I love me some "all natural" I also want to be free of unintended natural toxins.

Is it worth the risk?

In fall 1996, the Oregon Health Division learned that Upper klamath lake was experiencing an extensive M. aeruginosa bloom, and an advisory was issued recommending against water contact. The advisory prompted calls from consumers of BGA products, who expressed concern about possible contamination of these products with microcystins. In response, the Oregon Health Division and the Oregon Department of Agriculture established a regulatory limit of 1 microg/g for microcystins in BGA-containing products and tested BGA products for the presence of microcystins. Microcystins were detected in 85 of 87 samples tested, with 63 samples (72%) containing concentrations > 1 microg/g. HPLC and ELISA tentatively identified microcystin-LR, the most toxic microcystin variant, as the predominant congener.

That was algae harvested right alongside a naturally toxic algae from Upper Klamath Lake

How would a company know if or when another type of toxic algae was being scooped up with the good stuff? Many years ago I reread articles promoting the BGA as a means to eleimante heavy metals in the body. I tried klamath lake BGA and after a case of diarrhea I decided it wasn't right for me. I cannot say if the companies that are scooping up the algae, drying it and selling it as a health food are checking levels of toxicity and I'm not willing to risk my health when there are plenty of other safer alternatives.

To put things in context

I take a marine algae sourced supplement of DHA (Neuromins) which is grown in a controlled environment in which only the species of algae that is useful and nontoxic is grown specifically for the intended purpose. It's a pharmaceutical grade product that is used in pre/post natal supplementation for moms and some baby formulas. I could not imagine a pre/post natal mom or an infant or for that matter anyone knowingly consuming an algae harvested from a public lake.

How do I get the benefits while eliminating unnecessary risk?

There are other sources of chlorophyll that are safer and just as effective in removing heavy metals and that also supply the body with nutrients and minerals.

Final Thought

If it was making the fish sick I imagine it might not be the best thing for this human to eat.