30 years I was given peer facilitation training from the Montgomery County Mental Health Association in their “Middle Earth Youth Services” program. Around this time my older brother Alan returned from a trip to California and gifted me a copy of The Handbook To Higher Consciousness by Ken Keyes Jr,

Years later in 1988 I attended a three month program called “Body Mind Living Love” at Ken Keyes College in Coos Bay, OR which would transform the way I processed life experiences and would lay the foundation to an understanding of "brain reprogramming".

As a mind explorer, I've sampled, gathered and integrated skills and practices from various modalities. While attending New College of CA I was challenged, supported and encouraged by professors Mildred Dubitzky, Steven Ducat and Theresa Dickinson, receiving a bachelors degree with an emphasis in dance, social change and psychology.

About five years ago I began studying a modality of mind healing created by Dr. Jon Connelly called "Rapid Resolution Therapy". RRT transformed my approach to facilitating. A guiding principle of Dr. Connelly's approach is recognizing that something happened to that person that has caused a part of their brain to be doing things that are less than useful, and that is the role of facilitators to cause something else to happen, recognizing if the person could resolve the troubling thoughts on their own they would have done it already.

When I’m not learning something new or old that might be useful, or baking something healthy that tastes like macaroons or busy in Savasana, i facilitate relief from troubled thoughts I’m available for sessions in San Francisco by appointment.