About Minc Babes

Minc Babes started off as a solo handmade earrings business, Minimal Concepts which was launched on 13 April 2019.

In January of 2020, a sister company of Minimal Concepts, Threaded Concepts, started it's business development. Threaded Concepts will be focussing on thrifted and brand new apparels which will be imported mainly from Malaysia and Indonesia and will be launching later in May 2020. In February of 2020, Canvass Concepts also started its development. Canvass Concepts is an apprentice programme led by it's members which offers junior college students a chance to run their own fundraising projects through online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. All proceeds from Canvass Concepts' projects will be donated to the respective organisations.

With the birth of Threaded Concepts and Canvass Concepts comes Minc Babes, which holds a bottomless collective of brands and initiatives or better known as Concepts. Although Minc Babes currently manages only three subsidiaries, we aim to cater to more consumers and target markets in the future.