Martin Imre

  • Data Scientist @ greentec development gmbh
  • PhD Graduate from University of Notre Dame
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Visualization Research
  • Scientific & Data Visualization, Deep Learning


  • I started my new job as Data Scientist at greentec development in Vienna
  • I passed my dissertation defense on April 16 2020 and was awarded my Ph.D.
  • I was appointed as the Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Notre Dame Silicon Valley Semester for Spring 2020 and will be serving this position in Palo Alto, California
  • I am giving a guest lecture with the title “AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Neural Networks”
  • I am presenting about Spectrum-Preserving Sparsification for Visualization of Big Graphs the 3nd Annual COSE-JAM at the University of Notre Dame
  • My paper "ContourNet: Salient Local Contour Identification for Blob Detection in Plasma Fusion Simulation Data" got accepted at the International Symposium on Visual Computing 2019 and I am going present it there
  • I passed my Oral Candidacy on 2019-08-06 and am now a PhD Candidate
  • I am presenting about Exploring Time-Varying Multivariate Volume Data Using Matrix of Isosurface Similarity Maps at the 2nd Annual COSE-JAM at the University of Notre Dame
  • I received the Notebaert Professional Development Award from the College of Engineering of the University of Notre Dame of $1,800 to present at the IEEE VIS 2018 in Berlin
  • I interned as a Research Aide at Argonne National Laboratory from May to July 2018
  • I received the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award for my work as TA for Computer Graphics CSE 40166 in Fall 2017