Mimosa Distefano

Welcome to my website!

I am a PhD student at the Department of Economics at University College London, UK.

My main fields of interest are Labor Economics and Public Economics. My research predominantly focuses on firm's taxation, in particular on how tax changes (e.g. profit, capital and payroll taxes) affect local labor markets.

More information about me can be found in my CV

Contact: Email: mimosa.distefano.13 at ucl.ac.uk


Hiring subsidies and the gender gap (with Lorenzo Incoronato and Anna Raute)

Gender career gap and firm composition (with Elena Ashtari Tafti and Tanya Surovtseva)

Should we tax firm capital? The effect of capital taxation on employment and the skill distribution.

The effects of business taxation on firms, workers and local labor markets. (with Thomas Cornelissen, Christian Dustmann and Uta Schoenberg)