Fees are due at time of service. All services are self-pay as insurance does not usually cover most of our services. However, if you wish to submit to your insurance, a super bill can be provided. MIMI does not take medicare or medicaid nor can a super bill be submitted for reimbursement to Medicare or Medicaid.

Regenerative Medicine: cellular support, PRP, peptide and other therapies

  • Therapies are priced per individual patient as determined by therapeutic need
  • An estimate will be provided prior to therapy
  • MIMI strives to provide high quality reasonably priced services
  • Some services require a deposit before proceeding with therapy


  • Nutrigenomic and Dietary supplements are available in clinic and via Fullscript (15% off retail) andLifeVantage online portals.
  • Visit our Biohacking & Nutrigenomics page or our Science Lives website for more info on these products - available without a prescription.
  • For Fullscript, You may search their abundant product lines and place an order at: Fullscript. Obtaining your supplements via Fullscript from MIMI provides you with a 15% discount off retail pricing and ensures you are getting quality products - with or without a prescription/recommendation from us.

Laboratory Services

  • Blood draws and specimen collection incur a minor procedure fee
  • Lab prices are determined individually, please call us for details and an estimate.
  • Our goal is to be a convenient and less costly option for our community.
  • You must either have a current lab order from one of your providers or have establish(ed) care with care us to use our lab services.

Acudetox fees

  • Group sessions: $25 each, package of 7 group sessions $150. An initial consultation is required for new patients prior to attending group unless you have previously received Acudetox from Dr. Marchionda. Initial consultations for Acudetox only are $75.
  • To inquire about upcoming groups please contact us by phone at 970 628-1624 or by email at mimi@mimicares.com
    • Groups:
      • Tobacco cessation
      • General well-being (sleep, pain, anxiety, nausea, etc)
      • Weight Management
  • Individual Sessions
    • Initial consultation $75, follow up sessions $40, package of 7 sessions $250

Acupressure seeds/beads are included at no additional charge with all Acudetox sessions if desired.

For more information or to schedule an appointment:

  • call: 970 628-1624
  • email: mimi@mimicares.com
  • House calls are available as well as phone and e-visits!