Research is an adult response to child-like wonder ~ Nicholas Frank

Welcome to my website! My students and I study plant-pollinator interactions, with a focus on bees. We work with the community to conserve pollinators and promote public understanding of science. I collaborate with my students in their learning, inspiring them to think analytically about the world's wonders.

Research in my lab centers on the ecology and evolution of species interactions and responses to environmental change. Recent projects include (1) impacts of conservation strategies on urban pollination networks in collaboration with citizen scientists using non-traditional methods, (2) the effects of climate variation on plant-pollinator community dynamics, and (3) trait evolution in response to novel environmental conditions.

Contact Information:

Laurance L. Browning, Jr. Chair Associate Professor

Biological Science Department

Webster University, ISB 305

St. Louis, MO 63119

Phone: (314) 246-7658

Email: nicolem42@webster.edu

Twitter: @NMStruttmann (*tweets my own)

The altitudinal variation and history of pollination research in the Rocky Mountains makes it an ideal system for exploring changes in plant-pollinator interactions with recent climate change.