Miller to Ft Pierre Tuesday June 5

(76 miles)

Wear your 2016 Jersey!!

We will be visiting more cowboys today starting with Ree Heights, hometown of the Etbauer brothers who won 7 World Championships in Saddle Bronc Riding, and finishing at Fort Pierre, where the Casey Tibbs South Dakota Rodeo Center is located. As we ride into the river valley we will visit the capitol of South Dakota, Pierre. Our overnight destination, Fort Pierre, is considered by many to be the most historic spot in South Dakota.

Breakfast (5:30-7:00am CDT) Miller High School Fundraiser for Robotics team

SD AARP rest stop (mile 17) (Sweep 9:00) 5 miles west of Ree Heights: Hometown of the Etbauer brothers - World Champions in Saddle Bronc Riding

Highmore (mile 24) D & K Outpost (Bar and Grill) or Shell Convenience store (Sweep 10:00) Limited restrooms

Harold (mile 38) Caps Trail Service convenience store (Sweep 11:30) Limited services

LUNCH STOP -- Blunt (mile 51) Medicine Creek Bar & Grill (Sweep 1:30) Fish sandwiches, deli sandwiches, fruit, snacks

Kroeplinaq Truck Plaza (mile 55) (Sweep 2:00)

Triple M Plaza Center (mile 68) (Sweep 3:30)

Capitol Lake Visitor Center (mile 72) SD State Capitol Grounds (Sweep 4:00) Water, restrooms and tourism info available. Ride around the Capitol Grounds and check out the following locations

  • SD State Capitol Building
  • Flaming Fountain Memorial
  • Fighting Stallions Memorial
  • Law Enforcement Officer Memorial
  • Korean War Memorial

Pierre Chamber of Commerce (mile 75) Free cookies and lemonade (Sweep 4:30)

Fort Pierre (mile 76)

Stanley County High School (indoor/outdoor camping location)

  • Verendrye Monument and Museum (9am-4pm) Within walking distance from the High School.Fort Pierre is where the Verendrye brothers claimed the region for France in 1743, where Lewis and Clark’s expedition almost met a violent end in 1804, and where in 1817 a fort was established marking the start of 200 years of settlement.
  • Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center A historical museum devoted to the legendary sport of SD rode, the history and its stars. This two story museum has an extensive collection of the memorabilia of 9-time World Champion Casey Tibbs and 1920s trick rider Mattie Goff Newcombe. It is also the location of tonight’s “free for registered RASDak riders beef dinner” courtesy of the SD Beef Council.
  • Sunset Cruise on the Missouri River that is open to the public from 7:45-9 when we are in Fort Pierre. The Sunset docks next to where we are staying (Fischers Lilly Park) so it couldn't be more convenient. Cost is $20. Sign up at the following link: Here is their website:

3:00-5:00pm CDT Loading of bikes into Bike truck, RASDak trailer and Harlan’s trailer. All bikes must be loaded by 5:00 pm.

4:00pm CDT Bar opens (Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center) Shuttle provided every 15 minutes from Stanley County High School. Cash bar proceeds go to the Rodeo Center.

5:00 pm CDT GROUP PHOTO at the Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center

5:30 pm CDT Mass at St John Parish (206 West Main Street). All are welcome to attend.

5:30pm CDT Dinner – Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center. FREE Beef dinner courtesy of the SD Beef Council for registered riders with a wristband. Otherwise, $10 donation.

Wednesday morning: 5:30 am CDT!!! Loading of ALL BIKE RIDERS on bus/vans/SAG vehicles to be shuttled to Hayes for breakfast