Volunteers are the lifeline for each and every lab that comes through MHLRM. Just look into the eyes of any of the rescues and you will see their eternal gratitude for that second chance at life... The second chance our volunteers gave to them. They are so thankful a volunteer listened to that inner voice that nudged them into signing up to do that home study, showing up to that meet n greet to talk with potential adopters or opening up their home to foster that Lab in need. Yes, each and every one of our volunteers makes a difference -- no matter what the contribution. Without our volunteers we would not have been able to help nearly 1700 Labs since December 2009.

We have some of the best volunteers around! Still, we struggle to meet the demands with all the Labs that end up in shelters each and every week. The numbers are truly staggering, and the work to be done is never ending. What can you do to help?

While fostering is our greatest need, it isn't for everyone. If you can't foster, there are still so many ways you can help:

  • Transporting - We always need help moving dogs and/or supplies. Usually our highest need is picking up a new MHLRM arrival from their transport and getting them to their foster accommodations. We also need help sometimes delivering food to current foster dogs, delivering supplies to current fosters, taking a dog to a vet visit, etc. If you have time and don't mind driving your car, we can always use you!
  • Walking a Foster Dog - We sometimes have a few dogs that end up with longer than desirable stays at doggie daycare and/or boarding facilities. These dogs specifically would LOVE some TLC time with just about anybody not to mention some time away from where they are staying. That could be a car ride around, a trip to the dog park, a hike, or even just some ball and petting time in a play yard at their location. Regardless, this is time well spent!
  • Attend an Adoption/Meet-n-Greet Event - These are the events where our foster dogs meet potential adopters, a step towards finding their forever homes. We are always in need of volunteers to transport and hold fosters, set up and break down the booth, take the dogs on potty breaks, fill water bowls and talk to potential adopters. We typically participate in these events a few times a year. Each event requires at least 1-3 dogs and 1-3 volunteers. If you have a free time on a day we will be at an event and can help, please let us know. Please know that we do not screen potential adoptive families at these events, but rather this is a great opportunity for MHLRM to advertise our current dogs, inform people about our group, generate donations, and get more volunteers.
  • Participate in a Special Event - We take advantage of several special event opportunities throughout the year. These events help us raise funds for our foster dogs which helps cover their medical expenses. They not only benefit the Labs, they are also fun. We have recently participated in the first Dog Days of Summer 5K race and hope to have more soon!
  • Host an Adoption/Meet-n-Greet Event - In addition to the Adoption/Meet-n-Greets we participate in, we are open to hosting in new locations where we can expand our reach. Do you know of a great new location in a pet store, at a neighborhood function such as a vendor fair or at a special event that you would like to host? If so, let us know. We have had recent success setting up in these types of locations and we are open to considering others.
  • Volunteer to Screen Home Visits and Applications - We receive applications from potential adopters from all over the country. Occasionally, we do not have adequate help to respond to applications, request home visits, screen home visits, and conduct phone interviews. This can result in delayed processing for some applicants, something we want to avoid. If this interests you, please let us know. We can provide training with a seasoned volunteer until you are ready to do a few on your own.
  • Serve on a Committee or Serve as an Event Coordinator - We routinely post requests for committee members or event coordinators. These opportunities can range from fundraising to coordinating the volunteers, schedules and activities at special events such as our Adoption/Meet-n-Greet events, the Dog Days of Summer 5K, our Annual Giving Campaign, Colorado Gives Day, and more. These are fun ways to get involved and meet fellow volunteers.

Do you have others ideas or want to help but have a limited schedule? If so, just let us know what interests you and how much time you have. We can find the perfect volunteer opportunity to fit your schedule. Even volunteering an afternoon or two every once in awhile can make all the difference for a lab in need.

Give a deserving Lab a "new leash on life" by becoming a volunteer and filling out the form below: