MilanMUN Guided Tours

For this year's conference we decided to create a new initiative to give MilanMun delegates the opportunity to discover the beautiful city of Milan and to make their stay here even more enjoyable.

What do you have to do here?

1. Take a look to the available tours

On this website you will find some brief introductions to the tours we are organizing. Read them, look at the pictures and if you want to know more about the monuments we will show you during these tours just click on its image and you'll be given some information and pics.

Start deciding what would you like to see in Milan.

2. keep in mind your interests

We thought of six different tours based on different areas of Milan. Think of your interests: Do you like ancient architecture and history? Maybe the right tour for you is "Ancient Milan". Do you really like modern architecture instead? Well the perfect tour for you would be "Porta Nuova District"! Do your research or click on the images to read the texts we wrote for you to get yourself an idea.

3. pick a tour

Now it's time for you to decide which will be your guided tour. You can only choose one tour as we unfortunately won't have time to do more than one.

You will now have the opportunity to choose your first choice tour, second choice and third choice.

We will try our best in order to satisfy your requests. Unfortunately we have a limited number of people we can take in each tour and for this reason we may not have the possibility to please everybody's needs. In any case if you want to be sure that you will attend the tour that you like most, reserve as soon as you can!

4. enjoy your visit!

You will receive a confirmation email for your reservation before getting to the conference as we will need some time to process all the data. When you will arrive here in Milan, you will be given all the information that you need. We will think about everything. We hope you will enjoy this project, as many students have put a great effort in order to make it as much enjoyable as possible.

The tours