Lab Retreat 2018

Date: Aug 7 (Tue) - 9 (Thu), 2018

Venue: Hotel Gujo-Hachiman, Gifu Prefecture

Purpose: Share our knowledge and exchange our ideas within/outside of our laboratory.

Attendees: MI Lab @ NAIST-IS, Sakumura Lab @ NAIST-BS, Sakumura Lab @ Aichi PU, Maruno Lab @ Kyoto WU


Some give a tutorial lecture on a topic related to his/her research.

Each of the other attendees gives a lecture presentation on his/her own research.

If you are assigned to one of the poster sessions, please prepare your poster in B1 size.

Every student is required to submit a report on your/others' presentation to the supervisor after the lab retreat.

Travel Information:

A bus will pick up attendees at NAIST, Gakken-Kitaikoma Sta., Takanohara Sta., and Kyoto Sta.

An attendee can take trains at your own risk and payment. See

Time Table:

[Aug 7]

8:00 departure

11:30 arrival at Oasis Park

11:30-12:15 lunch

13:00 arrival at Gujo-Hachiman

14:00-17:00 sessions (60 min x 1, 30 min x 3)

  • Katsuyuki Kunida (60 min): Tutorial: Frequency Coding of Intracellular Signal Transduction
  • Jeric Cruz Briones (MI): Using Surrogates for Significance Testing
  • Ferdinand Sauer (MI): A Technical Introduction to Cryptocurrency
  • Panyawut Sriiesaranusorn (MI): Depression Classification Based on RsfMRI Data Using Deep Learning

17:30 dinner

19:00-22:00 Gujo dance & firework

22:00-24:00 night session

[Aug 8]

8:00-11:30 sessions (30 min x 6)

  • Yuichiro Ohgi (CB): Computational Modeling of Angiogenesis Based on Cell-Cell Mechanical Interactions
  • Haruki Inoue (CB): Cooperative S6K Activation Mechanism by Insulin and Leucine
  • Sae Iritani (CB): Mechanobiology of Robust Chemotaxis in Shallow Gradient
  • Ataru Katayama (CB): Concentration and Temporal Information of Sonic Hedgehog
  • Yutaro Koyama (APU): Feature Selection by Monte Carlo Simulation Using Distance from Classification Boundary
  • Kazushi Ikeda (MI): Feature Selection by ES-SVM and Shapley Values

11:30-12:00 flash session by all the poster presenters

12:00-18:00 lunch & free discussion

18:00 dinner

19:00-20:30 poster session 1

  • Satoshi Anai (MI): Neural Representation of Value Updating by Using Long-Term Learning Task
  • Yoshiki Yoshii (MI): Develop New advanced DecNef-FCNef Method
  • Yuzuru Doibata (MI): Neural Control Strategies Underlying Human-Human Joint Actions
  • Paul Regonia (MI): Energy Landscape Analysis of Depressed Brain Networks
  • Takuma Kuroki (MI): Extension of Ridgelet Analysis to ResNet
  • Asuka Yamamoto (MI): Elucidation of Brain Algorithm in Learning Conceptual Knowledge by DecNef
  • Ryosuke Fujikawa (CB): Bayesian Cell Force Estimation Introducing Cell Shape Prior
  • Shingo Shirone (CB): Feature Selection of the Disease
  • Midori Sakai (KWU): Exploratory Study on Structural Anomalies of the Brain Observed in Early onset Depression
  • Mayu Nishimoto (KWU): Analysis of Social Networks of Hunting Dogs in Maternal Separation Process

20:30-22:00 poster session 2

  • Mandy ChaoLing Chang (MI): Obstacle Detection from Driving Behaviors Using Maximum Mean Discrepancy and Spatial Clustering
  • Kai Sato (MI): Application of Metastasis Learning in Brain Information Expression Learning Method SPLICE
  • Yuki Ito (MI): Resting-State Current Source Estimation using Graph Laplacian
  • Satoshi Murashige (MI): Tracking of Body Parts of Dogs toward Quantification of Behaviors
  • Igor Zavialov (MI): New Framework for Measuring and Stress-Testing the Systemic Risk of the Financial System
  • Keisuke Ikeda (MI): The Effect of Anatomical and Functional Connectivity Profiles on Cognitive Function
  • Tatsuya Sakurai (CB): Extraction of Proteins Expressed by Periodontal Disease Bacillus
  • Atsushi Suzuki (APU): Computational Model of Dictyostelium Migration by Chemo-, Mechano-, and Rigidity Sensing
  • Marie Ohki (KWU): Evaluation of Emotional Impact on Music Pieces Using Lyrics Analysis and Heart Rate Variability Analysis
  • Ayumi Hirao (KWU): Social Network Formation of Hunting Dogs by Intervention Effect from Human

22:00-24:00 night session

[Aug 9]

8:00-12:00 session (60 min x 1, 30 min x 4)

  • Tatsuya Yamada (60 min): Tutorial: Fate and Probability
  • Kakeru Kosaka (MI): Enzyme Selection Using Binary Classification Boundary
  • Qi Zhang (MI): Direct Log-Density Gradient Estimation with Gaussian Mixture Models and Its Application to Clustering
  • Clark Kendrick Go (MI): Tutorial: Inverse Reinforcement Learning
  • Eri Nakahara (MI): Differences in Gaze Behavior between Dog Experts and Non-Experts during Observing Dog Training Videos
  • Bryan Lao (MI): Identifying Essential Muscle Synergies in Sit-to-Stand Therapy

12:00-13:00 lunch @ Hotel

13:20-14:50 free discussion in limestone caves

15:00 departure at Gujo-Hachiman

18:00 arrival at Kyoto Station

19:05 arrival at NAIST

Meeting Points:

7:50 Gakken-Kitaikoma (map)

8:00 NAIST Main Gate (map)

8:20 Takanohara Station (map)

9:00 Kyoto Station Tour Bus Parking Lot (map)


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