Welcome to Mikuzi Jamaica

Click a link below to visit one of 2 Mikuzi locations in Jamaica West Indies.

Mikuzi Kingston (Jamaica)

Mikuzi Portland (Jamaica)

What Mikuzi Mean

Mikuzi is a Jamaican slang meaning "I'm cozy" one day while Chad, Valerie's youngest child visited the Portland location when he was about 8 years old he described how he felt during that trip and it stuck. All locations including a brief one in Negril was branded with the new name.

Why a New Domain Name

To all persons who tried to reach us at MikuziJamaica.com we lost our domain name again in 2016 (but we got it back in October 2019). This is the second time this has happened. We lost Mikuzi.com 2003.

The problem is we not being of the tech world kept forgetting to renew the domain name and/or hosting.

This time we decided to go in a different direction. We have partnered with a tech company to manage that side of things for us so that we can focus soley on what we do best -- which is providing superior, un-forgetable accommodations for you... and now introducing our new all over this world service.

(We finally got the MikuziJamaica.com Domain back in October 2019.)

We have newly decorated our Kingston Jamaica location and now have a gym complete with a personal trainer.

Breakfast can also be provided upon request at an additional cost.

Here is a link to our listings: Click HERE

In our Portland Jamaica location we now have access to a our own personal driver so you can travel to attractions on a whim if you so desire to and at much better rates. So now you have the best situation there.

Here is a link to our listings: Click HERE