Hopefully if you found this site, I'll assume you've got a basic understanding of what a Pathtag or Aardvark tag is.

As an official design partner, my job is to collaborate with you to bring your design to life. If you know the ins and outs of tag design, you can probably stop here. If you've never designed one, read on and learn all about the process!

The options for designing your tag are limitless. You'd be surprised what you can do with a canvas about the size of a U.S. quarter. Some clients have provided detailed sketches for the design, and some have no clue what they want. Which ever boat you are in, I am certainly eager and able to help.

At this point, you are probably asking what the difference between an Aardvark Tag and a Pathtag is. The simple answer is really not a whole lot. It's like Coke and Pepsi. Some people prefer one over the other. However, when it comes to the design process, the difference is negligible.

I have highlighted some of the key differences in pricing, features, and add-ons between Pathtags and Aardvark Tags.

Your design starts with an empty template. From there, the options are yours for the choosing.

Here are some of the most basic options. Examples are available here.

1. Plating - The default is silver, Pathtag and Aardvark Tags charge an additional .10 per tag to use black nickel, gold, or copper colored plating (see below).

The plating is not only what will be on the back of the tag, but will also be the raised metal edging that is used to hold added color on the tag.

2. Colors - Pathtags allows up to 10 colors per tag. A standard Aardvark Tag can use up to 5 colors, and charges $.10 per tag more if you use between 6-10 colors. All colors are selected using the PMS color matching system.

3. Tag Backs - Pathtags offers dozens of free options available. There are also a few dozen "give back" tags, which donate funds to the given organization. Aardvark Tags also allows you to create a custom tag back for an additional fee.

4. Translucent - You can choose to have translucent colors to simulate a transparent effect. Both Pathtags and Aardvark Tags charges .10 per tag to add this option. Available colors are shown to the right.

5. Glow - You have have one color designated as glow. If chosen, this section will glow in the dark. There are 11 glow colors to choose from. Glow is now available year around for $.15 per tag for a Pathtag and $.10 per tag for an Aardvark Tag.

6. Glitter - You can have one color designated glitter. If chosen, you choose one color to have a special glitter fill. The larger the space, the more apparent the glitter is. Glitter on a Pathtag normally costs .15 per tag unless there is a current promotion. Glitter on an Aardvark Tag costs .10 per tag. The glitter colors are available here. Extagz has over 140 glitter colors available on their site!

*These options may have an additional charges depending on the design and current Pathtag promotions. These charges will be paid to Pathtags upon your design submission. I do not charge any extra fees for these options. Optional pricing on subject to change. typically offers a revolving promotion on a month to month basis. E-mail me for the current promotional details. To get a current promotion, your order must be placed and paid for during the current promotion.

One final note on timing. If you haven't ordered a tag before, you will want to be aware of the typical order fulfillment time line.

The design process of a new tag varies depending on the design complexity, but most designs can be completed in less than a week. You will then upload the provided design for factory blueprinting, which converts the concept art into a production blueprint. The production blueprint usually takes 3-5 days to receive back. Once you approve the blueprint, you should expect your tags to show up in 4-6 weeks.

Contact me now! E-mail me at and I will get back with you as soon as possible!