As a Town Councilman, Mike has been and will continue to:

  • Work to upgrade the Town's existing computer system so it is more efficient, more user friendly and less costly.
  • Improve Internet affordability and access speeds and ensuring that access to broadband is built-out to more residents and businesses. This will be done by fostering competition, leveraging NY State Broadband Initiative grants, and partnering with other ISPs and fiber installation companies.
  • Helping Saugerties to become a NY State certified "Climate Smart Community". When this happens, we will be able to obtain more New York State grants for energy smart infrastructure needs. Mike has been and will continue to attend three meetings per month at the Town and County, serving as the liaison between.
  • Work to keep our taxes as low as possible. This will be done by working with other fiscally conservative Town Board members to question all charges, and look at making government smaller, without requiring layoffs.