Why I like and support Mike MacIsaac in the primary and general election to continue as a Town Board member and as my colleague and fellow Town Councilman:

As a computer analyst and specialist Mike has some innovative ideas on how to increase internet capabilities throughout the district and promotes increased access to broadband. Businesses need this to be competitive in today’s economy.

He supports the solar industry and will work to create as much carbon neutral infrastructure within the town as technically feasible.

Since I’ve served on the Town Board with Mike (January of this year) I see that he shares some of my views about local government and of particular interest to me has a conservative bent on making town government as fiscally responsible and efficient as possible.

Mike will be an asset to the town and will work hard against any perception, real or imagined, of ‘business as usual’ and promote an agenda and run on a campaign that works for all of Saugerties.

In my opinion Mike should be embraced by all forward-thinking Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Independents, non-enrolled, non-affiliated or anyone old enough to vote who feels left out, left behind or otherwise marginalized.

I like Mike. It’s about people (the everyday people) not politics. He doesn’t blow his own horn he simply works behind the scene on behalf of all of us.

Paul Andreassen,

Saugerties Town Board

Mike has been an asset to the Saugerties Town Board. Mike started by jumping into several projects that will make Saugerties a better place to live and work. I am impressed by his efforts on environment issues, the towns computer systems and trying to bring broadband internet access to the more rural parts of the town.

Marge and I enthusiastically endorse Mike MacIsaac. Please join us in voting for him on November 6. Every vote counts!

Gary Bischoff

Former Saugerties Town councilman and Ulster County Legislator

The Town of Saugerties is fortunate to have some one of Mike’s intellect and integrity willing to serve on Town Board. Mike researches each issue in detail and makes recommendations based on facts and what best serves our community. His time serving on Town Board has demonstrated his many talents in helping to make our community a better place for all our citizens. I support Mike because his contributions to our community help assure a positive future for our Town.

Margo H. McGilvrey