4 Track Diaries

After thinking about what I wanted to do after releasing "Don't Look Back", the prospect of putting out a new record seemed daunting. I needed to come up with a way to record and put out music that would be fun, that would push my boundaries and that would fit in with my current schedule of work, school, family, etc.

I've been wanting to upgrade my recording system and decided the change I needed was to minimize, so I bought the Zoom H4N Pro. So with that in hand (literally) I had a blast recording "Shine Down" in an afternoon, recording and mixing using only this hand held unit. I found it very liberating and challenging to use . From recording vocals and tambourine on the same track, playing the Cajón and the synth at the same time and for the first time in decades bouncing tracks, I really enjoyed the challenge of the process and I didn't have to turn my computer on once.

So, as long as this is fun and challenging I'll keep putting these recordings on Youtube.

Thanks for listening!


Songs so far:

I Feel Like One Of The Girls 5.21.18 (New Song)

Always Thinking About Her 4.16.18

Stones 4.11.18

Little Foxes 3.8.18

Waiting For A Change (Version 2) 3.5.18

Waiting For A Change 2.8.18 (New Song)

What Means The Most 1.17.18

Download for free Vol.1 Shine Down 2017

I Can Move 12.2.17

I Know You Can Shine Without Me 11.19.17

Trouble And Sorrow 11.1.17

One Of Them (Versions 1 and 2) 10.19.17

Inside Jokes (New Song) 10.8.17

Sirens 10.4.17

Shine Down 9.22.17

4 Track Diaries Playlist (Youtube)