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Jarrod Van Hauen's debut feature film is written by and starring Mike Barkhoff. Entitled "Death, My Darling". Watch by clicking the PLAY icon above.

Mike Barkhoff's third feature film is out now. Entitled "Doppelgang", it stars himself, as well as being Directed, Written, Edited, and Scored by him. Watch now by clicking the PLAY icon.


  • Living Free, a new web series created by Mike Barkhoff, is coming out in September.

  • The Blu Ray release of Mike Barkhoff's first three films alongside Jarrod Van Hauen's debut has been delayed temporarily due to numbers being below projections.

  • 12Digits debut album "Rising" is due by the end of August.

Mike Barkhoff is an American artist hailing from Grundy Center, Iowa. A 2018 High School Graduate, Barkhoff began his film career in 2013 at the age of 13 and his music production career in 2018 at the age of 18.

On the first day of his first full time job following an early High School graduation, Barkhoff was offered a contract to sell all of his signees and himself to a company who would distribute them full time, but rebuked the offer, opting to remain independent.

That same year saw Barkhoff be awarded accolades for his recent short films that preceded, including 2017's Into The Wild and Candlelight, and 2018's Horror Fest entry Ready Or Not, as well as the lauded web series he produced entitled Chapters., and, in September 2018, release his debut feature film INFINITE. for free on YouTube to heavy acclaim from it's opening audience - having amassed over 2,000 views in it's first hours.

The day after, Barkhoff sat down with then-friend, now-manager, Zach Delfs, to discuss his intent with the film, and peel back the layers behind the tangle his artistry and mindset started dancing with during the production of INFINITE. - saying:

"It was a big mental, stressful obstacle and I probably lost some sanity over it."

Mike Barkhoff, "Zach Attacks: Near Infinity"

2019 saw Barkhoff take a creative hiatus due to pressures behind the camera. He would eventually return after nearly eight months of being silent, in that timeframe only releasing ideas, playlists, and photo collages, with an unrelated sequel in Candlelight II. The short film saw him break the barrier between his nonfictional self and the audience by speaking to a therapist (the wall) about how he felt as if anything he tried making wouldn't bare well due to it being compared unfavorably to the short film's predecessor. The same year, he realized short film efforts such as Repres, A Total Maze, Friday The 13th (an acting role), a trailer for an announced James Bond web series (which still, as of 2021, has come to no fruition), and a fan film for Breaking Bad/follow-up to INFINITE. entitled Patron.

Him and Delfs also created the Live Free Podcast, a monthly based (most of the time) talkshow that featured roster of the team. He spent the month of November releasing Down, a web series scrapped from release in March of that year, and writing a full length sequel film to INFINITE., entitled The Great Escape. He also began a web series where he picked apart albums by rearranging their tracklists to be more suitable for him as a listener, entitled Twisted Tracklist.

Apparent that he was reacting to his formation of art with his depression, Barkhoff was convinced under the suggestion of Delfs to explore more realms for genres. Hearing this advice and taking it to heart, he wrote I Give It A Year, a politically infused comedy that he intended to be his sophomore film until the COVID-19 epidemic set back filming.

2020 saw Barkhoff follow INFINITE. with the even more lauded Windfall, which was a surprise released film, as well as Season 2 of Chapters., subtitled Atrocity Exhibitions, which focused on his real life addictions and struggles told through ten fictional shorts to wide acclaim upon release. He also executed the production of three singles from his signee Norff that received notice from many online rap fans - the release of Norff's debut album, Life Is Rough, also saw formation after spending the last two years working on it - and the helping of release on California native and good friend UGK David's longtime awaited debut album, $EX $ELLS.

In April 2021, Barkhoff secured the rights to create a National Holiday entitled Sobriety Day. It would see recovering addicts have a day to celebrate. Due to it's unforeseen expense, Barkhoff hasn't officially purchased the holiday, but plans to do so when he can spare the funds as immediate as possible. His reasoning behind this was due to having many friends who fought to become sober, including himself, and wanting a way to celebrate, crediting also the reason that "too many holidays are an excuse to drink". Notable, this also all occurred in the days following April 20th, a day resonating with the usage of marijuana.

April 30th saw Barkhoff star in a film he wrote entitled "Death, My Darling", which acts as Jarrod Van Hauen's debut feature film. The soundtrack, also curated by him, released the following Friday, May 7th. On May 8th, he housed a rerelease of his sophomoric feature film, "Windfall", edited into a full length film. The remainder of 2021 will see him release his debut original album of instrumentals, a new web series created by himself, his third feature film, "Doppelgang" (which was announced on the Live Chat during "Death, My Darling"'s premiere) the first home media release of his career (collecting "INFINITE.", "Windfall", his aforementioned third feature film, and "Death, My Darling"), a producer credit and acting credit on Dylan Van Hauen's debut feature film, and the distribution of musician's works, as well as more.

The aforementioned "Doppelgang" acts as Barkhoff's third feature film and released May 27th, 2021. It is the full length version of the short film of the same name from 2020.

Having just turned 21, Barkhoff has accomplished more than many artists his age - and even older - have. He's done it all independently and surrounded by supportive figures found in friends, family, and business associates.

Since 2017, he has been half/half of the Barking Vans collective - with his brother Jarrod Van Hauen - and, since 2019, has been the primary overseer behind content for Live Free Productions.

IMDb for Full Filmography: Mike Barkhoff

Feature Film Filmography:

  • INFINITE. (Sep 9th, 2018)

  • Windfall (May 8th, 2020)

  • Doppelgang (May 27th, 2020)

Executive Producer Work On Music:

  • Norff - Life Is Rough (October 31st, 2020)

  • UGK David - $EX $ELLS (January 1st, 2021)

  • Norff - Norf (July 2nd, 2021)