mike barkhoff

Live Free is a collective that houses multiple artists - filmmakers, musicians, writers, graphic designers, etc. - and publishes their works. Live Free currently contains the grouping of Mike Barkhoff, Zach Delfs, Jarrod Van Hauen, Laney Gardner, Dylan Van Hauen, Braydon James, Norff, Mcee Detox, Gee Mak, UGK David, Ron Gomes, 12Digits, 69ERRAS, and more. The list keeps growing!

A 50/50 partnership between Mike Barkhoff and longtime best friend Jarrod Van Hauen, Barking Vans is a film production outlet that focuses on creating original content. From 2017 to 2019, this was the platform housing all of the duo's works.

In 2019, Barking Vans regrouped as a distributor and production company, so the duo can brand the title on projects they collaborate on without housing multiple collectives who lead the company in a direction not fully realized by the both of them.

A business created by Barkhoff that allows artists a launching pad, CREATEMORE is coming soon.

Stay tuned for more information!


Watch the films and open your mind. You'll come to know me better than any words can describe.