Salmon Run 2018 N7WA

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Most years, I participate in a radio contest called the Salmon Run. The goal is for Amateur Radio Operators (Hams) inside the State to work those outside of Washington. Points are assigned for each contact and then there are "multipliers" for working each Washington County, other States, and even other Countries. Those outside the Sate only get multipliers for working Washington Counties. Of course, everyone wants a "Clean Sweep" - working all 39 Washington Counties. This is why I go out and run my radio from my truck. I try to activate as many eastern Washington Counties as possible. Most do not have many Hams and even fewer of those Hams get on this contest. It can make me pretty popular in the rarer counties. Below you will find my announcement prior to the contest of which counties I was planning to activate and when. I also posted a few pictures from my run.

This is the Yakima/Klickitat County Line. There isn't much out here. It's up on a plateau. There are some vineyards a bit further along as well as some noisy power lines. Here, it's pretty quiet and there is a view of the Horse Heaven Hills off to the east.

A high spot in Garfield County. This is Palouse Country with rolling hills of wheat. Plus... more than a few windmills for power generation.

And a few nice sunflowers along the road

One of my favorite county lines. Ferry/Okanagon . See how the road changes at the county line. This is way out in the hills of nowhere. Somewhat to the northeast of Grand Coulee Dam on Peter Dan Road.

Final Results:

Band QSOs Pts Mul 3.5 27 81 8 7 98 294 12 14 225 675 30 14 5 0 2 Total 355 1050 52 Score : 54,600

Pre Contest Announcement

Will be operating CW only. Propagation is expected to be difficult. I'll be driving myself so travel time puts me off the air for 40-60 minutes between most stops.

Please look for me on the following frequencies.

CW 3.540-3.545, 7.035-7.040, 14.040-14.045, 21.040-21.045 MHz.

If it gets crowded, I could drop below further down the band.

I've tried to give myself plenty of time to make the following schedule but sometimes..., things slide.

Randy K7TQ and Jay WA0WWW will also be mobile in Eastern Washington - check out their link and schedule at

Darryl WW7D usually does a Western/Eastern Washington split but hasn't announced yet. You might check out his Web page at just before Salmon Run. He has links to last years's plan there and usually posts his current plan just before the Salmon Run.

Salmon Run 2018