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Certificate Course in Bakery and Confectionery in Pune

Bakery and Confectionery: Bakery and confectionery is one of the important aspect of the food industry. The division is so wide, that one can take up the course alone and develop a career in this field. The bakery and confectionery courses offered by some of the best institutes in Pune are highly in demand amongst the students who wish to make a successful career in this field.

Job Prospects

Job: A person who has a good knowledge of the subject can join a good bakery or chain bakery or become a part of a star property – hotel or restaurant in the bakery division and earn a handsome salary.

Entrepreneurship: After completing your certificate course in bakery and confectionery in Pune, you can also start your own venture for bakery and confectionery and have an unlimited growth in the field.

Courses offered:There are various confectionery and bakery courses available in Pune. Let us learn about them in details -

· Diploma Courses: There are diploma courses run by various colleges in Pune focusing on instilling the key skills in students.The courses have a short duration of 1 year to 18 months. As against the Hotel Management graduation courses, the diploma course is more inclined towards the practical aspect, providing a full-fledged hands-on training on different aspects of bakery and confectionery. The course includes 3 things - theoretical, practical and internship.

Apart from providing the practical training, the course also prepares students to interact with the clients, which is considered an important aspect of the course.

Eligibility: This course can be taken up directly after class 12th. Any person who has a strong inclination towards baking and confectionery can take up this course.

· Certificate Courses:Apart from the diploma courses, there are various institutes providing certificate courses in bakery and confectionery in Pune. The course duration of these courses is usually 6 months to 1 year depending on the institute and the depth of the curriculum.

Certificate in bakery and confectionery courses provide an introduction of the subject but largely focusses on the practical aspect of baking. The course directly makes the person ready to join a good bakery or start their own venture.

The course apart from the practical knowledge would also provide knowledge of the commodities used in Bakery/confectionery, the procedure that is undertaken, selection, composition, reactions of the ingredients, etc. The course would also provide a basic knowledge of baking/heating, refrigeration, freezing, chilling, etc., that is, all the aspects related to baking and confectionery.

Eligibility:As such, there are no basic educational requirements for the course, however, it is preferable to join the course after class 12th. This would help in better understanding of various aspects.

The foremost requirement for any person to join this course is the creativity, zeal, and interest in the field of bakery and confectionery.

Benefits of doing a certificate course in bakery and confectionery in Pune:

Internship Opportunities: A person doing a certificate course in baking and confectionery from Pune can easily get to practice the skills learnt in the course in the number of good bakeries available in the city.

Job Prospects:For a creative person, there is no dearth of opportunities. Some of them are:

· Pune has a good standard of living and good purchasing power. People are always looking for something unique and totally appreciate the skills and creativity.

· Being a big city, one can be part of a five star in the bakery division or join any big bakery to hone their skills.

· Own start-up: A person who has a good financial background and creativity can open his own bakery and earn a good amount.

· Bakery institute: Anyone who is interested in imparting the knowledge can go ahead to start their own bakery and confectionery institute offering bakery and confectionery courses. Usually, the cost associated with starting an institute is lesser compared to opening a bakery.

Thus, there are a number of good opportunities after doing a certificate course in bakery and confectionery in Pune. Certainly, sky is the limit for a creative person in this profession!