Masks Sewn by Susan

These dual layer masks are completely washable, made from 100% cotton tight-weave fabric with a lining. The lining is open on each end so that another filter can be put in between the layers if you want triple protection. The cord goes around the back of the neck and ties at the back of the head, so there is no pressure on the ears. This also provides the best adjustable fit... it can even adjust to go around different hairstyles.

Swirly Blue has matching lining! But most are solid pale color or white inside.

Scroll down to see all the designs currently available.

I started making these masks in March as part of a volunteer effort called the Mighty Mask Brigade. We donated masks to farmworkers, people in nursing homes, low income housing residents, and many more. Now I am making them available to my Snake and Snake customers on this page. You will see my price for these is $10 for adult size and $9 for youth.

If you click on the Mighty Mask Brigade you can learn more about the brigade, which grew to 200 volunteers before ending in December.

There is only one place on the order page for ordering your adult masks.

Please tell me the name of the design you want in the order page's comments box.

Questions? Please e-mail me at

YS - age 3-6

Youth Sizes - $9.00

I have youth sizes in a few fabric choices, in Youth Small (YS) for age 3-6 and Youth Medium (YM) for age 7-13.

Please enter the size you want on the order form, and remember to tell me in the comments box which design you want.

Youth sizes can also be requested in many of the adult fabrics... if I have any of that fabric left, I'll sew them up for you.

Sizes: YS, YM, and Adult


YS Blue Sea

YS and YM Dinosaurs

YS and YM Savannah

Adult Size Masks - $10.00

My adult size fits most people.

Aqua Swirls


Swirly Blue

Swirly Paint

Purple Wiggles

Blue Salt Dye


Fall Leaves

Indigo Fish

Textured Purple

Space Fun


Rainbow Triangles

Kente turq-gold

Retro Bloom


Eucalyptus Flannel

Clover Leaf


Day Lilies

Textured Blue

Lavender Clouds

Textured Purple

Textured Green

Order at Snake and Snake Productions online order page, please remember to put the name of mask in the Comments Box