Showd Mazark

Rise of the Shadowbreather, Book 3

(This is part 2 of the Haunted Mountain hardcover edition)

Our paths are set before us,” Miroaster tells the Wanderers, “if only we will choose them. But Byron has a special sense for his, a tug at his heart that guides him, and from which he does not run. Byron is a dangerous fellow.”

But for Byron Thorn the danger has gone from bad to worse. He must find his way through the mansions of the dwarves in search of his friend Nosh, and Grudner, the young prince of the giants, both in the clutches of the Lord of Fear. With unexpected help he pushes on in the long dark, ever downward, far beyond the reach of his friends.

And his friends have troubles of their own as the battle for Showd Mazark rages around them. The Fell Clans have gathered at the call of Wytherban and King Thrudnelf of the dwarves leads his army against them. The struggle for the fate of Everandon has begun before the gates of Dwarvenhearth, and the tides of battle shift until at last all hope seems lost.

And yet hope remains …

“My heart tells me that I have chosen well in Byron Thorn,” Silverlance tells the Wanderers. “There is a courage there that even I have not guessed, The silver thorn may yet pierce the hand that grips it.”

Call to them, the queens and kings;

give glory to their fame.

Their list is long, so listen well; do not forget their names:

Eméndurin, who wielded first,

his queen: Earthwielder’s daughter,

Bragh, who slew the Hoblin Chiefs beside the Winsted Water.

Lotanda, who perceived the crafts of metal, stone, and earth,

Indorene whose name means Mountain’s Root, she founded Dwarvenhearth.

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