Rise of the Shadowbreather, Book 2

(This is part 1 of the Haunted Mountain hardcover edition)

The Lord of Fear is moving. The signs are everywhere: Fell clans are massing in the South, and a Lychgate has been found — an instrument of death magic that makes use of the living to enslave the dead for foul purpose.

Battle is brewing. The king of the dwarves must be convinced to reclaim the Granite Throne — the lost and forgotten seat of dwarvish power, and take up the Hammer of Making — a mysterious weapon of old. Only he can lead the dwarves against the army of Wytherban, chief servant of the Shadowbreather. But can he be convinced in time?

Can he be convinced at all?

For Byron Thorn and his friends life has never been the same since the rising of the Midwinter Star. And now they have orders from Silverlance, orders that place them at the very center of events that will decide the fate of Everandon. Orders that will lead them into dark and haunted halls, an outlaw garrison town, rituals of death magic, and the great battle for Showd Mazark itself.

When heritage of flesh and bone

A spark of hope has born through time

To quicken one from hearth and home

By starlight of the heart and mind

Eastward, through danger, to the quest’s up taking,

Let chance and circumstance conspire

With hidden craft of secret spells

And bestow the Inheritance of Fire

Where the favored bloodline dwells

For there will the high king begin the Waking.

So the magic was forged, according to the design. The measured time has passed. Chance and circumstance have indeed conspired, and the long sleep is broken.

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