Rise of the Shadowbreather, Book 1

"Misrule magic, Midwinter's magic... this is no ordinary day," says Darius Thorn to his grandson, Byron. "There's a magic in the air I've never felt or heard tell of... and a full moon to boot..."

And when the sign of an ancient prophecy suddenly appears, the people of Woody Deep discover how rare a day it really is. For Byron Thorn, it's the start of a quest that will lead him into friendship and danger, down dark tunnels and up windy heights, to wake a sleeping kingdom and find a forgotten king.

It's a world where humans live side by side with satyrs and centaurs, dwarves and dryads, giants and griffins and wolves. Together with his companions, Byron must find his way through one wild adventure after another to the lands beyond the mountains, helped by unexpected allies, harrowed by unrelenting enemies and guided by the clarion call of Silverlance ... .

When new light on the night sky breaks

forgotten darkness stirs and wakes

venture not upon the land

lest shadow coals to flames be fanned.

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