Walter and the Winter Goblin

The Krampus Chronicles, book 1

Walter has never seen the Forest up close. He’s heard the stories of course—of the Hazel Thicket, the First Holly, the Kind and Wicked Peoples. But he’s never seen a gnome, or an ogre, or a faun.

He doesn’t know there’s a fortress at the heart of the Forest, or that goblins once lived there and served the creature who built it: a creature from the Old Dark—the time before there was Christmas.

And he certainly doesn’t know the creature has returned.

Walter has his mind on other things. It’s his first Christmas season as page to the king, and his parents are so proud they've given him a sword of his own.

But no one could have guessed that Walter's new life would mean faerie councils or goblin bonfires or torch-lit battles in the snow. No one, that is, except maybe the king himself ...

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