Note: Please contact the hotel for cancellation policies.

Host Hotel - Marriott Courtyard, $124, includes breakfast


Location & Amenities


Update - July 4

Our Host hotel, Courtyard by Marriott has notified us they had a non-MTR cancellation which freed up some additional rooms.  

They have several rooms with 2 Queen beds available for Friday to Monday.

They have many King bed rooms that are only available for Thursday night.

Below are your options of how you can take advantage of this new availability:

1.  If a team already has a KING bed reservation for Friday night, they can add a Thursday King Bed to their existing reservation and have the same room for the entire time.

     (Probably best to call the hotel to arrange this)

2.  If they are making a first time reservation for Courtyard and want Friday onward, they can reserve 2 Queens for their stay.

3. If they are making a first time reservation for Courtyard and want Thursday night included, you will need to make two reservations AND switch rooms on Friday..

     One reservation for Thursday will be a KING bed and second reservation for Friday onward 2 Queens.

Country Inn & Suites, $125 (King) / $135 (2 Queens), includes breakfast

 (515) 644-6164 

Location & Amenities


LaQuinta Inn and Suites, $159, 15 Kings, 15 Double Queens, available 8/29 to 9/3/24

Reservations phone: # 515-963-9500,

Location & Amenities


Hilton Homewood Suites, $149, includes breakfast  SOLD OUT


Location & Amenities


Other nearby hotel options, within a short riding distance from the host hotel.

Note: MTR rates have not been negotiated


Econo Lodge Ankeny 

Sleep Inn