Step 8 - Transpose

Midi Maker includes a transpose feature, which enables the user to change the key of a midi maker song.

  • Transpose works on the MM song file (csv file) not a midi file so keep that in mind.
  • Since transpose works on the chords of a style the octave does not matter so always count up from the current key.
  • A Transpose text box has been added so the the transpose value can be entered. It is set to zero by default.
  • Enter a value from 1 to 11 steps. Count the steps from the current key to the new key including black keys.
  • Example: Your song is in the key of "F" and you want to change it to "E". Counting up from "F" to "E", including the black keys = 11 steps.
  • Change the transpose value from zero to 11 and click on the "Transpose" button.
  • You will be asked to open a song file. We use a disk file not the currently loaded file because it is easier to work with than the grid.
  • Transpose does its work and saves the file with a new name in the same folder you loaded the song file from. Check the message box that is displayed after the transpose to get the new filename.
  • You can now open the new song file and create a new midi file.

The End