Step 3 - Play/Test the Song

A word about midi players

  • There are lots of free midi players around. Some are good and others not so good. I looked for one that could play the midi file without hiccups, support external devices and be a player that I could include with MM2. The player shown in the picture, "TMIDI" is just right.
  • Once a song midi file is created, click "Open Midi" to load the midi file.
  • Click "Play Midi" to play the midi file to the keyboard with TMIDI. Ensure that your keyboard is selected as the midi output device.
  • TMIDI can also play any midi file as a standalone program.
  • One thing TMIDI and all other players I have tested cannot do is stop the style playing on the keyboard if the playback is stopped before the song is finished.
  • To remedy this problem I created a very small midi file that has only one command, which is to stop the style playing.
  • Click "Stop Keyboard" to stop the style playing.
  • Some people will prefer to use their own midi player.
  • Click "External Midi Player" to use the default midi player set up on your computer. The player must support external devices.
  • Once we are happy that the song file is how we want it, go to Step 4 to record the song.