Step 2a - Create a Song File

To create a song file open Midi Maker.

A screen similar to the one on the top left will be displayed.

It is very easy to create a song file.

  • Select your keyboard in the "Select Instrument" drop down list.
  • Select the style you want to use in the "Styles" drop down list.
  • Type in the song details such as the name, artist and year.
  • You can also type in "None" in the Style number field and then you can use a custom style, which you can choose on the keyboard. You will need to enter the time signature (e.g. 4/4) so that Midi maker will know how to play the song.
  • Type in the song data using the grid. You can switch the right side pane to the "Elements" tab, which will show you all the elements that can be used in your song. You can copy and paste these into the grid.
  • You can switch the right side pane to the "NotePad" tab, which will give you a scratchpad to use for copying text from your computer or the Internet or for copying and pasting data from and into the grid.
  • When done a song file will look like the example on the left. Notice the "/" character in some of the lines. This tells your keyboard where to split lines.
  • To save the song use the "Save Song" button. This will save two files: a small file containing the song details and another file containing the song data.

Step 2b - Create a Midi File

  • Turn on your keyboard before starting Midi Maker. Click the devices list. If the keyboard is on and connected to the computer, "Digital Workstation -1" and "Digital Workstation -2" will be listed as devices. Select the first choice "Digital Workstation -1" .
  • Click 'Open Song' to load your song details and song data. The song will be loaded into the grid.
  • Click 'Create Midi File' and Midi Maker will generate a midi file that can be played back to the keyboard.
  • If there are errors in the song data, the midi file will not be created and the error will be shown down on the status bar in red. Fix the error and create the midi file again.