Past SDOY Winners


(SDOY 2017)

"The Student of the Year is awarded to that student who has exemplified extraordinary professionalism and leadership at the medical school.

Our awardee has mentioned that his strongest motivator for becoming a Physician is to be able to lift up his community. He was a registered nurse in Canada. While working, he regularly volunteered his nursing services for the homeless population, prepared breakfast for low income elementary school students, as well as disinfecting and repairing medical equipment for a local nonprofit. While at Touro, he continued his tradition of community involvement by volunteering during Touro’s bi-weekly health clinics at orange county’s homeless shelter, and local habitat for humanity projects. For his community work, Johnny received the Tony Danza Community Service award and received the most helpful award from fellow students.

Johnny says he plans on practicing as an Osteopathic Physician in the United States and hopes to help fix some of the inequalities in medical care; “coming here and seeing my classmates trying to find a doctor that takes their insurance, that’s a bit foreign to me,” he admitted. “I can’t imagine having to choose between seeing a doctor and paying for food. It’s sad to see people in America, the greatest country in the world, struggling.”

For an outstanding commitment to medicine and the community, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine is proud to bestow the student of the year award upon 3rd year medical student, Johnny Truong."

Kenneth J Steier, Executive Dean

At the White Coat Ceremony for the Class of 2022, July 2018