The Mid-South DATA Conference 2024

Maxine A. Smith University Center

Memphis, TN, USA

April 5, 2024



Conference Schedule Program: DS2024


“The coming century is surely the century of data” (Donoho, 2000). Data Science is emerging as a new, transformative paradigm in science and technology. With large volumes of data being generated every day from multiple sources (including business data, biomedical data, educational data, science data, engineering data, and personal data), the importance of systematic and rigorous approaches to understanding and putting these large volumes of data to good use is now well recognized.

At the initiative of the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation the Office of Sponsored Research, the University of Memphis has launched an ambitious multi-year effort to provide Data Science leadership for the local community, train future data scientists, create an environment to foster research in this area, and build an inclusive Data Science community of practice.

The 5th Mid-South DATA science conference brings together the local professional community and future data scientists, creating an environment to foster collaborative research and conversation among Data Scientists in academia, government and industry in the Mid-South and beyond.

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