This chart has been developed from approximately 50 samples of central Texas soils. It shows the tremendous challenges of trying to balance minerals for soil microbes and plants. Several of the key minerals are at levels below 25% of their soil's capacity. The image is that of an old wooden barrel. Think of the slats and how the barrel only holds as much water as the lowest slat. Minerals need to be added to those with the lowest levels (think low hanging fruit) in order to improve the soil's productivity as measured by the plant's nutrient density.

Effective soils require a balance of minerals. Ensure that your soil is performing by getting a soil test! The following are the minerals that we work with.


GSR Dormant Calcium

GSR Dormant is designed to work on the soil conditions which cause problems. An imbalance or excess of nutrients such as salt, sodium, potassium, magnesium or sulfur generally cause most problems, including lack of water penetration, pH (too high or too low) and soil compaction. This product is approved for organic use.

GSR Growing Calcium

GSR Growing is to be used during the planting and growing season. It is designed to be electrically drawn to the plant and aids in more efficient availability and absorption of nutrients by the plant. Calcium is the most necessary constituent of cellular development and this product ensures an adequate supply is available for plant use.

Calcium Nitrate

An excellent product for promoting foliar growth and forage production without promoting seed development. A very good fertilizer for turf and hay production.

Pelletized Lime

A finely ground calcium carbonate in pelletized form that is more effective than traditional ag lime due to a higher surface area (average 4 times). Available in Greens Grade, Fairway Grade and Ag Grade.

Pelletized Gypsum

For soils lacking in calcium and sulfur, raw gypsum is finely ground before being pelletized. Uniform application is easily achieved. Available in Greens Grade, Fairway Grade and Ag Grade.


GSR PhosRite

A human grade source of phosphate that combines mono-ammonium and mono-potassium, in both ionic and colloidal forms into a low salt, low sodium, low chloride phosphorus that is highly available to plants. Phosphate is often overlooked as the one elemental compound required for most nutrients to enter the cell and become available for plant utilization.

Rock Phosphate

A unique mined source of natural phosphate, high in calcium that encourages plant growth due to its high energy. A shortage of phosphate can block uptake of nutrients into the plant. As a slow release form of phosphate, if applied at rates of 300 to 500 lbs per acre it is not necessary to apply each year. This product is certified for organic use.

Organic Nitrogen

Plant Protein

An excellent source of all-natural, slow release nitrogen. This product can either substitute for commercial sources of nitrogen or be blended with commercial dry fertilizers to provide an economical source of slow release nitrogen. This product is well suited for turf grass and forage crops as it provides an amino acid form ofnitrogen to the plant. This form is nitrogen is plant friendly and very efficient. In addition, the protein becomes a primary food source for microbes, thus promoting an increase in quantity and biodiversity of microbes which in turn develop a healthier soil environment inside the rhizosphere of the root.

Nitrogen Fixing Microbes

See “Micronoc”.

Trace Minerals

Chelated Trace Minerals

An all-natural, highly available source of 78 different trace minerals, chelated in a montmorillonite clay base. These minerals are both colloidal and ionic. Being available in a liquid as well as dry gives the user the flexibility of providing the best solution for each particular situation. Biological activity is enhanced as a liquid while the dry form will give longer nutrient retention. Having a low pH allows this product in liquid form to work well as a foliar. This product is approved for organic use.

Carbon – Organic Matter

Pelletized Chicken Manure

A quality chicken manure product with a guaranteed N-P-K analysis of 4-5-4. Also high in iron and manganese.

Liquid Chicken Manure Blend

Biologically active hydro compost comprised of chicken manure extract, bovine manure extract, kelp and formulated with humic acid. This product contains 3% Humic Acid and is approved for organic use.

Bat Guano

A surprisingly active source of natural fertilizer.


79.5 Brix Cane Molasses

Plant Hormones - Foliars

Organic Gem with Kelp

A cold-processed, enzymatic fresh fish hydrolysate fertilizer that also works as an all-natural biostimulant. Organic Gem enhances the microbial activity of the soil for better penetration of water and nutrients, thereby promoting deeper root development. This product is approved for organic use.

Organic Gem Low Odor with Kelp

This product is manufactured by combining the original Organic Gem with out-dated food material hydrolysate which has been processed using the same high quality standards as the original Organic Gem. By combining the two into one product the odor is reduced significantly and the overall complex of microbial diversity is increased. This product is excellent for golf courses and other areas that are frequently used by the public as it has more of a “fruity” odor.

Crop Booster

An essential aid to complete fertilizer utilization with 50 vitamins and hormones plus other factors in a liquid solution. This product is not a substitute for any major fertilizer program but does aid in proliferation, metabolization, fruiting and respiration as well as assisting crops when damaged from wind, sand burn, hail and/or insect infestation. Due to its strength this product is applied at a very low rate.

Kelp Powder

A natural source of ascophyllum nodosum, this organic marine algae product provides natural hormones (cytokins, auxins and gibberellins) as well as a wide range of amino acids and carbohydrates for the improvement of plant health. This product is approved for organic use.

Microbial Inoculants


A liquid blend of mutualistic microorganisms selected for their synergistic ability to stimulate plant growth and convert atmospheric nitrogen into a form beneficial to plants. Micronoc may account for up to 50 units of N throughout the growing season. In addition, Micronoc contains both ecto and endo mycorrhizae fungi which assist the plant in the utilization of soil phosphorus and other nutrients. This product is allowed for organic use.

Micronoc Dry Inoculant

A dry, humate based material especially designed to promote early germination and nitrogen fixation when used as a seed inoculant. It may provide a substantial part of the crops nitrogen needs throughout the growing season. This product is approved for organic use.

Mycorrhizae Fungi

See “Micronoc”.

Liquid Bacteria Concentrate

A detoxifying blend of several strains of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that works as a microbial starter allowing the bacteria in the product to multiply in the soil.

Soil Restore w/ Mycorrhizae Stimulants

Soil Restore increases mycorrhizae, organic matter, microbes, cation exchange capacity and minerals in the soil. It reduces compaction and ionic bonds in the soil.

Pond Treatment Kit

Reduces pond algae by natural means through the application of large numbers of selected microbes that feed on the algae. One application early in the season is generally sufficient for the year. A very economical program for algae control.

Dry Blended Products


Considered a basic maintenance blend consisting of all-natural and organic, plant friendly products Pro Turf is designed to promote turf health and sustainability. Composed primarily of plant protein, rock phosphate and chelated trace minerals, this product provides excellent nutrient availability to the plant with minimal amount of energy required by the plant for utilization. It provides a balance of calcium, phosphate and nitrogen as well as an excellent source of iron. Pro*Turf contributes to development and sustainability of beneficial soil microbes and helps to reduce soil compaction. Through extended use, Pro*Turf will promote a healthy turf without the addition of commercial, salt based fertilizers. Because this product is composed of natural, organic materials without any fear of herbicide, pesticide or damage through over application, it is safe to use in all situations concerning turf and lawns. Best results are achieved when an adequate watering program is followed.


This product is designed to promote good root development and early germination in newly seeded and/or sodded grasses. Like Pro*Turf, it is composed of plant friendly products that will get the grass off to a good start. Turf*Start promotes nutrient utilization and soil development by providing a combination of beneficial microbes that work together in a synergistic approach to make atmospheric nutrients more available to the plant along with Mycorrhizae fungi for improved nutrient utilization by plant roots.