Compost Tea / Extract

Compost Extract (a.k.a. compost tea) is an extract made from humified compost. Humifed compost has 10-12x the industry average of beneficial microbes. These microbes are made dormant and extracted from the compost to produce high quality compost tea.

Why is it different from Compost Tea?

Microbial Earth Compost Extract is more effective than standard compost tea because of the extraction process. Compost tea is generally aerated for 24-48 hours. Microbial Earth makes compost tea extract, which is made from high quality humified compost. We make an extraction from our humified compost and only aerate for 15 minutes. This process allows for a high quality tea that has more microbes than traditional teas and a longer shelf life.

The beneficial microbes in Compost Extract do the following. They:

  • Feed the good critters in your soil
  • Reduce irrigation needs
  • Out compete pathogens and reduce disease pressure
  • Improve nutrient cycling

How to use Compost Extract

Application: Compost Extract can be used as a foliar feed or soil drench. It is best to use this product in the evening or when UV levels are moderate to low.

Foliar spray application: Foliar spray uses one gallon of tea per 10,000 square ft. (5 gallons per acre). We recommend 8 applications per year during the growing season to maintain the population of microbes. Use pump pressure sprayers and apply a mist over the surface of all plants in the target area. It is better to go over everything once than some things twice. Dilution with water is unneccessary but acceptable. However, chlorinated water will harm the microbes. If you dilute the tea, it is best to use rainwater instead of tap water to avoid chlorine.

Soil Drench: For first time applications and soil drenches, use 1 gallon per 3,000 sq. ft. (15 gallons/acre). You can add mycorrhizae or fish emulsion to this product for added benefits. Pour tea into root zones of trees, shrubs, vegetables and all other plants.

The “Act-Pak” contains enzymes, amino acids and kelp.