Black Soldier Flies

What are Black Soldier Flies? (BSF)

Black Solider Flies are flies that naturally exist in compost piles when there is warm weather and humid conditions. You generally don't see BSF, because they live in trees and don't buzz around like house flies. The BSFs lay eggs and their grubs are what break down food scraps. A BSF bin is designed to harvest BFS grubs, so that you have the ability to recycle your food scraps while collecting nutritious food for chickens, retiles or other wildlife.

While many compost bins can take 6-12 months to break down their contents, Black Soldier Fly grubs can eliminate most ofyour food scraps in as little as 24-36 hours.

Why compost with BSF?

Black Soldier Flies divert and digest all food scraps (including meat and dairy). They also:

  • Compost some diapers
  • Re-capture valuable lipids and proteins found in kitchen waste and transform them into usable live feed for domesticated animals and wildlife (ie. Chickens, songbirds and reptiles)
  • Are a family friendly system that provides children with an education in sustainability, the cycle of life, and organic gardening
  • Help reduce your carbon footprint by diverting and recycling food scraps that would otherwise decay into methane in landfills

Other facts about BSF:

  • Actively feeding grubs secrete a natural fly repellant called a synomone (an interspecies, chemical communication that alerts and warns other kinds of flies to stay away)
  • Beneficial Soldier Grubs are self-separating, auto-harvesting, robust, prolific, hardy, indigenous, harmless, easy-to-store, simple to transport, dry to the touch in pupal stage, a convenient bait, and extremely nutritious!

How to use BSF

Keep in full shade and on a level surface. Add your food scaps to the Black Soldier Bin and feed the grubs to your chickens, reptiles or birds.